GTA Online Action Figure Locations Guide

In addition to the guide below, our interactive GTA 5 map shows all the action figure locations too.

Grand Theft Auto Online is loaded with all sorts of collectibles waiting for players to find, unlocking some exclusive goodies for those who are most determined to comb through all of Los Santos and find them - or just, you know, hitting up a guide like this one.


One of the latest sets of collectibles was added following the release of the Diamond Casino & Resort, which itself had a set of collectibles - a deck of cards. This time, you need to find 100 collectible Action Figures in order to unlock a satirical superhero outfit (the Impotent Rage Outfit), among other bonuses along the way.

In the world of GTA Online, getting rare collector-grade action figures doesn't involve hours of scouring eBay and exclusive retailers, and spending immoral amounts of money on figures (which most of you'll keep in their box), but rather finding them in various odd locations like lockers, in airplane wreckages, warehouses and... a dog house. If only it were so easy in real life.

While collecting these is arguably stealing, nobody deserves to keep their action figures if they let the dog play with it!

Collecting all 100 action figures is no easy task without a bit of help. It's important to note that initially only 98 of the 100 collectibles are accessible since the final two - which are roughly in the same location - only appear once the first 98 have already been found.

Action Figures Map

Below you'll find a map with all the locations noted. Remember you can also use our interactive map to show all the action figure locations too. The large marker at the airplane scrapyard just south of Sandy Shores denotes the 2 final figures, both of which are found there.

Now, finding a tiny, generally well hidden collectible based on a map marker would still be awfully time consuming, so the GTABoom team has recorded four videos showing the exact in-game locations for each individual Action Figure. Check out the videos below:

Figure #1 - #25

Figure #26 - #50

Figure #51 - #75

Figure #76 - #100

If you're still looking for all of the Monkey Mosaics or Signal Towers, check out our guides for those too.

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