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GTA Online Action Figure Locations Guide

Action Figures Map

Below you'll find a map with all the locations noted. Remember you can also use our interactive map to show all the action figure locations too. The large marker at the airplane scrapyard just south of Sandy Shores denotes the 2 final figures, both of which are found there.

Now, finding a tiny, generally well hidden collectible based on a map marker would still be awfully time consuming, so the GTABoom team has recorded four videos showing the exact in-game locations for each individual Action Figure. Check out the videos below:

Figure #1 - #25

Figure #26 - #50

Figure #51 - #75

Figure #76 - #100

Frequently Asked Questions

How many action figures are in GTA?

There are a total of 100 action figures that you can collect in GTA Online.

What do you get for collecting all the action figures in GTA Online?

Collecting all 100 action figures rewards you with the Impotent Rage Outfit, the Impotent Rage Shotgun, and some Reputation Points.

If you're still looking for all of the Monkey Mosaics or Signal Towers, check out our guides for those too.


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  1. Been trying to get the Rage Outfit and had thought I got all the action figures. I had to go through everything. Sure enough, I was missing 3 of them.

  2. Oh thank GOD I finally found the missing figure. Thanks for this guide. I was stuck trying to find one for ages.

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