GTA BOOM (https://www.gtaboom.com) is a complete resource for all games in the Grand Theft Auto series. We post GTA news daily and have the largest collections of guides, FAQs and cheat codes for both GTA 5 and GTA Online available.

GTA BOOM's history stretches back to before the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. Founded by Matt Stone, the site started out as "gta5cheats.com". Covering news and rumors up until release of GTA 5 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the site's name indicated the focus - being the go-to repository of cheat codes for the game upon release. As time went on, every cheat code for the game was discovered, and added to the site.

Eventually, with the launch of GTA Online and the unprecedented rise in popularity for an already record-breaking game, the site branched out. More news found its way to our frontpage, with guides, fan-made content spotlights and op-eds also appearing. Since cheats don't work in Online (a good thing), players had to rely on skill and efficient methods for success, and our highly regarded guides become highly valued by readers.

The popularity of the game didn't subside and eventually Rockstar Games brought GTA 5 to the next-generation consoles, opening it up to a whole new audience, and again to PC. As more and more content was added to GTA Online, there were more and more mechanics that needed covering with guides, more and more events to share with fans, and even new cheats popped up in the game, with the addition of phone cheats.

On PC, fans also found ways to release interesting and fun mods for the single player version, the best of which often were featured on the site. As the years rolled on, speculation and anticipation of the next game in the franchise inevitably kicked in, and we made sure to cover all the notable rumors and possible leaks.

With yet another generation of consoles rolling around, and GTA 5 being ported again, we look forward to the healthy future of the game and the growth of GTA Online as we continue to cover the news and write guides as the top GTA-specific fan site on the web. With fortune, we'll be doing all of this for GTA 6 too whenever its time comes!