Rockstar Games confirms GTA 6 leak in official statement

We'll feel the effects of this weekend's GTA 6 leaks for a long time. But, we really shouldn't try to predict the future; it's best to stay in the moment. For example, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have lawyered up. The companies are now trying to take down footage resulting from the GTA 6 hack.

Despite the leak, Rockstar claims that work on GTA 6 will continue as planned.

In the meantime, the leaker is trying to mooch money off of Take-Two and Rockstar, only to find out that the internet has it out for them.

Apparently, someone has already succeeded in hacking the hacker.


It's safe to say that it's been an eventful weekend for the video game industry and Rockstar Games wants you to know that it knows about the leaks.

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Upon further investigation, we found out that Take-Two had already filed a report with the US government, saying:

Current Rockstar Games services are unaffected. We have already taken steps to isolate and contain this incident. Work on the game will continue as planned. At this time, Rockstar Games does not anticipate any disruption to its current services nor any long-term effect on its development timelines as a result of this incident.

TLDR; Rockstar wants us to stop worrying about whether the leaks will delay the release of GTA 6.

Going by that logic, we can at least focus on the fact that the GTA 6 leak confirms that the next GTA game will be set in Vice City and it will feature a female protagonist.

There's no use denying both parts and it's just unwise to scrap the current GTA 6 build only because details have leaked online. If nothing else, the in-development footage tells us that Rockstar is working hard on GTA 6. They don't necessarily spoil the story of GTA 6, although keen-eyed observers will have noticed certain easter eggs. For example, one of the NPCs talked about the death of Liveinvader CEO, Jay Norris, which took place in GTA 5. This implies that GTA 6 will be a "sequel" to GTA 5, in that it will be set following the last mainline GTA game.

The best case scenario is for Rockstar Games to release a teaser trailer for GTA 6 and confirm some of the details from the leak.

At the end of the day, we should leave Rockstar and Take-Two alone. In their own words, we will find out about the "next game when it is ready."

Ray Ampoloquio
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