Red Dead 3 Announcement Teased, All But Confirmed

Unless you’ve kept yourself away from any device sporting network connectivity for the past two days, chances are you’ve heard of the unexpected news that has exploded onto the internet, sweeping through pretty much every gaming news site, community and social media.

While words have not been said, a pair of images plastered all over Rockstar’s online presence that all but confirm Red Dead 3 coming soon.


It all began yesterday when Rockstar Games changed their profile picture on all official social media accounts to a red logo on a black background. After this, they shared an image everywhere of the inverse – a red splattered background with a worn black logo. Instantly, pretty much everyone took it as confirmation of a new Red Dead game, and they’re most likely right.

Of course, jokes came pouring in as well. Some were saying that maybe it’s just a prank, and Rockstar will soon announce a wild-west themed GTA Online DLC with some new weapons, outfits and horses. Others theorized that maybe it isn’t a new game at all, but rather the long-awaited PC port of Red Dead Redemption released in 2010.


Of course, most people are hoping that its a trinity of games: a PC port of RDR, a remastered version for current gen consoles and the next installment, RD3. While the second image Rockstar released doesn’t rule out a remaster or a PC port necessarily, it seemingly confirms that we’re looking at a new game all together (unless they really do pull off a GTA Online DLC prank…).

But before we continue, I can already hear comments being typed along the lines of “RD3? But 2 hasn’t even been announced yet.” or “It should be RDR2 not RD3”. Well, actually, Red Dead Redemption was the second installment in the franchise, with Red Dead Revolver being the first, therefore a new Red Dead game will be the third. Funnily enough we write this in every single article about Red Dead and yet people still don’t get it…


Veering back on course, Rockstar followed the initial logo-teaser with an image that had a bit more substance to it. Featuring a wholly red sky and background and a faint yellow setting sun, the main thing going on in the image is the silhouettes of seven cowboys walking dramatically towards the camera with a wanton disregard as to where they are pointing their multiple guns.

This image has confirmed that yes, the whole tease going on right now is about a Red Dead game. I mean, the whole red-logo thing was a bit ambiguous. I mean, blood is red, so it could have been Manhunt 3, right? Anyway, the cowboy entourage teaser has been making the rounds since, and it sparked speculation as to what players can expect.


The presence of so many characters on a teaser image has led rise to the theory that RD3 might actually be Red Dead Online. While the massive overwhelming success of GTA Online would make it logical on the one hand for Rockstar to pursue this course, keep in mind that GTA’s success lies in massive mainstream recognition. Red Dead may be famous and well known in gamer circles, but not outside.

Red Dead Redemption was, above all else, praised for its storyline. As such, it would be an odd turn to have the new installment in a well loved story-heavy franchise to be a multiplayer-only affair, where the storyline rides on the backseat instead of being the driver. Plus, fans are already really vocal about not liking the idea of an online-only Red Dead game.


The second image with the multiple characters have also led people to think that maybe the new game will have a greater number of RPG elements, or even being a full-on RPG, with the silhouettes shown being the protagonist’s various party-members. Another theory is that the game is a prequel to Redemption, featuring the protagonist John Marston back when he was full-on outlaw, and the others in the image are his gang.

One of the most common points of discussion is the name of the game. Following Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption, chances are the game will be Red Dead Re-something. One NeoGAF user poked through the source-code of the Rockstar website for clues, and true enough, found references to “Red Dead Retribution”, “Red Dead Revenge”, “Red Dead Rebellion” and “Red Dead Kitty Cat”. Seriously.


Other ideas have been floating around. A recent “minimalist” trend in AAA games where franchise titles are simplified led to the idea that the new game will simply be “Red Dead”. Another idea, playing on the gaming trend of replacing letters with numbers suggested “R3D D3AD” – though that looks veritably horrible.

Whatever Rockstar ends up calling the new Red Dead game, it’s already a guaranteed commercial success even though nothing about is known right now. These two images were published in the space of two days, so you can expect further teasers going up soon.


While these teasers came as a complete surprise to everyone, we really could have seen it coming. If anything, this retroactively somewhat prove the rumors about Red Dead 3’s announcement being planned for E3, however a national tragedy forced Rockstar to postpone, maybe. In any case, the teasers have kicked up a massive storm, and the fans are eager for any morsel of info Rockstar deems to share.

Are you excited about a new Red Dead game?

Aron Gerencser
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