Real Life GTA 5 Bravado Banshee Sold For $63,000

A couple of days ago, someone bought a Bravado Banshee. No, not in GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto Online - we're sure someone buys a Banshee in those games every couple of minutes. Someone bought a Banshee in real life. We also don't mean just a Dodge Viper. Someone bought a Banshee. The one of a kind, custom vehicle that is a 1:1 working replica of the in-game car sold for almost $63,000.

The eBay listing (now deleted) went up for the car a few days ago and ended on the 26th when the lucky buyer took the Banshee home for $62,991.

The ride is a heavily customized 2006 Dodge Viper that was commissioned by Rockstar Games back in 2014. Part of a promotion to market GTA 5, the vehicle was extensively modified - sort of like in Benny's Original Motor Works - to be a picture perfect copy of the in-game Banshee model.


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Allegedly, over $180,000 worth of modifications were applied to the Viper before it turned into the iconic GTA vehicle, and was first sold for $170,000 back in 2014. An auction in August saw the car change hands for just $30,800, a real bargain, and now it popped up for sale for the third time. Considering the car is one of a kind and only has 13,185 kilometers on the odometer, that is a great price for what is a true collectible.

All the details have been nailed when it comes to the custom work. The handcrafted widebody kit, the lights - both head and tail - the intakes and the branding make it seem like the real deal. Not only has the exterior been extensively modified, but the interior of the car also reflects what players see when driving the car in first person view. The custom sound system, the Rockstar logo embroidered into the leather gear shift and custom panels all complete the illusion.

The paint job mirrors one of the default liveries the car comes with in the game, and the top of the windshield has "Grand Theft Auto Banshee" tampographed on it with the iconic GTA font. Whoever bought this is likely a superfan of the franchise - or, like the eBay seller, looking to make a profit by reselling it. If you ever wanted a real-life Banshee to signal your love of GTA, keep an eye on online marketplaces should the car pop up.


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