Trippy GTA V Fan Video Takes Us To The Stars

Usually when it comes to GTA V videos on Youtube, you’ll either bump into horrible “funny moments” videos, the occasional decent gameplay video and recreations of trailers, or TV series openings made using the Rockstar Editor. Less often you will encounter various videos created using the Editor which are entirely original creations, not remaking or even adapting existing IP.

We have featured several such videos in the past, such as the one where a heroic chicken escapes the clutches of the Clucking Bell slaughterhouse, or the video that depicted the unfortunate demise of a criminal. The Rockstar Editor is easy to use within the bounds of GTA V and while pre-existing knowledge of video editing is helpful, it isn’t necessary.

Youtuber and GTA V fan Ehmaysi has recently uploaded his extremely well put-together video Martian Blues. It tells the rather psychedelic story of a sad martian-turned-astronaut as he warps across Los Santos to meet up with the mothership. The directing, editing and cutting of the video is nothing short of marvelous, the visuals are spot on and the atmosphere is expertly set.

This is one of the most colorful GTA V fan videos out there and one of the most unique. The whole thing – even the warp effect – was done using no mods at all. The whole thing is vanilla GTA V with a healthy dose of video editing expertise thrown into the mix.


You might have noted the music as another high-point of the video. It is the work of a rather unknown artist called Nathan Original, whose Soundcloud profile is linked in the description of the video. When you have fan film-making talent like this advertising your music, you know you’ve got something good going.

What other kinds of original GTA V fan videos have you guys uncovered around the web?

Aron Gerencser
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