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GTA 5 Tops UK Sales Charts For 15th Time

Folks, we'll very likely soon be reporting on a 100 million milestone if this keeps going on.

Once again, Grand Theft Auto 5 sailed to the top of the UK video game sales charts, knocking out various new releases and high-profile AAA successes. The game's baffling, record-breaking success already means that it is best selling non-bundled game of all time. However the goal of being the best selling game without any other criteria isn't far off with only Minecraft and Tetris left to beat.

Overtaking last week's leader, FIFA 18, GTA 5 sailed to the top of the list in a week with two new releases - the poorly reviewed racing game TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge and the PSVR title Bravo Team coming in at 2 and 3.

FIFA 18, another one of those typical hyper-mainstream casual sports games which almost everyone with a console owns has been a very strong rival of GTA 5 since it launched, but Rockstar's juggernaut won't be stopped by no mere football game.

GTA 5 enjoyed its strongest month, as stated by Rockstar, in December 2017, however we haven't had such a report since then, meaning that it very well may have had even higher player counts since.

GTA 5 continues to increase its rate of sales as opposed to having them drop, as would be expected for a AAA title of its age (or even younger), with the game coming up on its 5th anniversary soon. Throughout its commercial existence, GTA 5 has been at the top of the UK sales charts a total of 15 times.

DLC helps keep GTA 5 popular and in the news

Not even the biggest AAA releases have shelf lives as long as GTA 5 has enjoyed its success, and sales for all other games drop very sharply following the first few weeks after release. While this drop happened with GTA 5 as well, where other games only go lower and lower gradually, GTA 5's sales have gone back up and up, with more and more copies being sold year over year. This effect was strengthened by the staggered release of the current gen and PC versions.

This isn't the first time GTA 5 topped sales charts in 2018, nor will it likely be the last.

Reports of a Premium Edition being released in April have been practically confirmed by a rating filed in South Korea, and that release and its associated promotion are bound to spike sales once more.


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