GTA Online Further Adventures In Finance And Felony Out Now

The latest and biggest GTA Online DLC, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is now available for download and play. Lauded as the "deepest" update that Rockstar has ever made for the game, Finance and Felony has gotten a bit of a run-up in the past few days and weeks with announcements and a trailer, plus some info - surprisingly little - info got leaked.

Last year was topped off in December with the large-scale Executives and Other Criminals DLC which added an all new VIP and Bodyguard system, allowing high level players to unlock a whole new set of lucrative missions in and around Los Santos. To become VIPs, players had to have at leas one million GTA $ in their bank accounts.

These VIP missions turned out to be almost as lucrative as grinding the Pacific Standard Heist while being a lot less volatile in terms of having to find a decent team. The DLC gave players new ways to earn cash at a decent pace - and good thing too. Among other flashy and luxurious goods, the update introduced the incredibly expensive yachts to the game.



Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was introduced to the players as a follow-up to Executives, taking the whole white-collar crime theme to the next level. Rockstar first revealed the DLC in a post revealing their short-term plans in terms of DLC for the summer, which included a short tease of this update as well as another.

The other GTA Online DLC, which might possibly be called Stunt Ready based on that post, will feature a set of new vehicles tricked out specifically for - as the name suggests - stunting. Of course, this isn't just a vehicle pack, as the DLC will also introduce a massive Content Creator overhaul with new props and features. As a bonus, the DLC will also re-enable prop stacking.


A new and feature-rich DLC for the game has been a long time coming, as players have begun to get a tad unruly after the first half of this year was characterized by standalone lowriders and the odd Adversary Mode here and there.

But now that Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is here, GTA Online has gotten its much needed breath of new life. Let's take a closer look at some of the new toys you'll be able to play with.


One of the main new features in this DLC is the all new property type, the corporate office. These offices, bought through the SecuroServe app, are required to access all the new missions and the Special Cargo Network, which is the service with which you buy warehouses and illegal goods.

These aren't just bland rooms with cubicles, though. The office properties act as top-of-the-line luxurious criminal headquarters with every comfort imaginable. There is limited customization involved, allowing you to add optional gun lockers, safes and proper accommodations, meaning that the office will also work as a safehouse.


Players will also be able to hire assistants and pick their gender through the same customization menu when buying a new office. These offices come with other bonuses as well, such as private helipads, boardrooms and an all-new arcade game to kill the time with.

There are four of these new offices in total. Their base prices range from GTA $ 4 million to 1 million, however the optional bonuses add to those expenses, making these serious investments. The locations are the Maze Bank Tower, Lombank West, Arcadius Business Center and Maze Bank West. From these offices, you can manage your warehouses which store your valuable merchandise.


Which brings us to the main gameplay aspect of Finance and Felony. As the new criminal kingpin of the Los Santos black market, you need to keep the money flowing. Based on the official post, there are new multi-part Buy missions where your acquire goods. Seeing as these are not only more difficult, but also more complex, than regular missions, they might be considered similar to heists.

The boardrooms in the offices act as the "heist planning rooms" for these Buy missions, which are possibly the most lucrative addition to the game from this update. The buy missions are grouped into three difficulty levels. Obviously, the higher you go, the more you'll gain if you're successful, but the more you'll lose if you fail.


You'll be facing all sorts of opponents during your exploits, ranging from the FIB, the LSPD, rival NPC organisations and also rival player VIPs. Warehouses come in three sizes, denoting how much cargo you can store in each - however you'll need to be careful, as the more you have in a given warehouse, the likelier it is that it will be targeted.

It seems that the update is introducing a dynamic market mechanic, similar to the BAWSAQ stock market. Depending on the demand for a given type of cargo, different times will be optimal for initiating sell missions. These missions will pay based on how much of the cargo is successfully delivered, as destroyed cargo will be detracted from your payment.


Your warehouses aren't only a source of income for you - they are enticing targets for your enemies. If you stock a warehouse to the brim with the most lucrative goods, you should expect some raids to be launched against you. Rival gangs will try to steal your goods and you'll have to defend these locations.

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Further Adventures in Finance and Felony isn't all about the black market though - there are other new missions here as well. The DLC is adding a few more regular VIP missions and challenges.


The three new VIP jobs are Headhunter, Airfreight and Haulage. Headhunter tasks you with taking out special targets on a timer, Airfreight has you steal guarded goods with a Cargobob while Haulage is something of a delivery race regarding stolen merch.

On the challenge side of things, we get Cashing Out and Salvage. The first has players steal from ATMs across the map, while the second involves collecting valuable cargo from the bottom of the ocean.


But what is a DLC without new vehicles, clothes and weapons? Well, Finance and Felony doesn't actually add new weapons as opposed to what the leak stated, but we do get some new attachments.

However, the cars are obviously the main attraction here and this update adds plenty to GTA Online. Of the three super-cars shown in the trailer, the Pegassi Reaper was already revealed. We now know that the other two are the Vapid FMJ and the Grotti Bestia GTS. The SUV also seen in said trailer turned out to be the Benefactor XLS. The Enus Windsor Drop is a luxurious and elegant vehicle and closing the line is the Bravado Rumpo Custom.


You'll need to reach deep into your pockets to shell out the cash for these sweet rides though. The prices for the six new cars are as follows:

  • Pegassi Reaper: $1,595,000
  • Vapid FMJ: $1,750,000
  • Enus Windsor Drop: $900,000
  • Grotti Bestia GTS: $610,000
  • Benefactor XLS: $253,000 – $522,000
  • Bravado Rumpo Custom: $130,000

Regular cars aren't the only new vehicles added to the game in this update, however. Some specialized vehicles - such as that freaking armored trash compactor - are also available. Granting a long-requested community desire, Rockstar has made the Cargobob purchasable - and they tossed in a variant of it as well.


The other specialized vehicles include a new helicopter, a jet and a boat. These rides are also pretty pricey, as you might expect:

  • Volatus chopper: $2,295,000
  • Cargobob Jetsam: $1,995,000
  • Nimbus jet: $1,900,000
  • Cargobob: $1,790,000
  • Tug boat: $1,250,000
  • Brickade armoured truck: $1,110,000

Rockstar is clearly calling in some good-guy cards here with the GTA community to make up for the past few months of content-drought. Allowing you to buy the Cargobob isn't the only player request they catered to - clothing items which were VIP and Bodyguard exclusive before can now be bought and worn when in regular freemode play, or when playing other jobs. Of course, a few new pieces were added as well.


In terms of weapon attachments, the focus here is on quantity - namely, the quantity of lead that you can pump into people you don't like before having to pause for a reload. New box and drum magazines are available for a number of weapons, increasing magazine size drastically.

However, old habits die hard and alongside all of this content, a new Adversary Mode of all things has been added as well. Trading Places, as it is called, features two teams - the "winners" are destined for success, unless they're killed by one of the "losers". If a loser kills a winner, they become a winner until they're also killed by a loser.


Rockstar, as per tradition, has also kicked off a dedicated community event to commemorate this big DLC release. Running from now through the 13th, the event will feature discounts and double RP promos.

By playing the new Adversary Mode, Trading Places, from the event playlist, you'll be able to earn twice as much RP to help you climb those ranks. You'll also earn some sweet new clothing, including a jacket and pajamas simply by logging in to GTA Online during the event.


As for discounts, a number of services such as those offered by Lester and Merryweather will be discounted by 25%. The Buzzard Attach Chopper has had the same amount sliced off of its price, as well as a wide array of items bought from Ammunation.

There are some other treats as well, such as a chance to nab some physical merchandise through the Rockstar Social Club and a Snapmatic contest which tasks players with taking the best in-game shot that describes the DLC. Winners will be taking home GTA $ 1 million - which based on the prices in this DLC isn't much, actually.

Which part of this GTA Online update has you the most stoked?

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