Ray-tracing is out for Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in 2013, which means that it's just as old as the PlayStation 4. Depending on your preferred gaming platform, GTA 5 is starting to show its age, despite Rockstar Games' best efforts. But, if you're on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, Rockstar's latest gameplay patch is heaven-sent. GTA 5 now has a new fidelity mode that locks gameplay to 30FPS in exchange for better details on vehicles, windows, characters, and everywhere you look. The result doesn't quite turn GTA 5 into a newer game, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Ray Tracing Grand Theft Auto Ps Xbox Series X
Ray tracing doesn't quite transform GTA Online into a new game but it makes it look like one that was released for current-gen consoles.

Ray-tracing's been around for a while but it wasn't until Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX (as well as Quadro RTX) graphics cards in 2018 that it started gaining mainstream attention. It didn't take long for the feature to become highly requested, especially in older games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, among others. But, while ray-tracing makes gorgeous games like Spider-Man: Remastered and Cyberpunk 2077, among others, look even more amazing, it's when these "reflections" are added to games like Grand Theft Auto 5 that they really have a profound effect.

Ever since the release of the latest GTA Online patch, players have been looking for ways to test it out. To be honest, you don't really need to search far to see its effects.

Ray tracing in GTA Online is applied on mirrors on vehicles, glasses on buildings, and even in chrome-plated cars. You'll even see reflections in the water now, which is just mind-blowing.


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The only kicker here is GTA Online will only run at 30 FPS at a native 4K resolution when you enable the "Fidelity" graphics option. It's up to you if capped frame rates are worth the eye candy. But, we'd have to say, it's worth trying if you can, especially if you're playing on the PS5 or the Xbox Series X.

In addition to improved graphics, GTA Online December 2022 Update 1.64 will also make in-game cars appear faster when you buy them and PS5 as well as Xbox Series S/X owners will no longer need to complete a specific race before they can get access to Hao's Special Works.

When you add this to the psychedelic-filled update, Los Santos Drug Wars, GTA Online has never looked as good (nor as trippy).

Ray Tracing Grand Theft Auto Ps Xbox Series X
If Rockstar Games can make GTA Online look this good, we can only imagine how much better GTA 6 will be in terms of graphics.

Ultimately, fans shouldn't expect GTA 5 or GTA Online to look as good as other games that are made using Unreal Engine 5. Keep in mind, the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine used for GTA Online is close to a decade old if not older. Rockstar can only do so much when its hands are tied. If it's any consolation, Rockstar's ability to squeeze a lot out of GTA Online bodes well for how gorgeous GTA 6 could look when it comes out.

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