GTA V: The Business Update Now Available

Last week we announced the new DLC content for GTA V, known as The Business Update. This update includes three new cars, two new weapons, an airplane, and a variety of new clothes and other customization options. You should be able to download the update now, so turn on your Xbox 360 or PS3 and check it out.

All of the vehicles will appear in your garage in single player mode, and the weapons will be added to your inventory. These items are also coming to GTA Online, where you will be able to purchase them from in-game stores, but when we last heard, the vehicles weren’t available yet. Be patient. They will come.

Some users seem to be having a little difficulty with the update, but since it isn’t supposed to officially arrive until tomorrow, we aren’t surprised. Check it out if you can, and let us know your thoughts.


Matt Stone

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