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GTA Online Cunning Stunts Out Now

Right on schedule, too. As Rockstar announced last week, Cunning Stunts, the latest GTA Online DLC update has launched and is now available in-game. The DLC was originally teased way back in the Spring alongside Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


Originally run-up as a simple overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator with the returning feature of prop-stacking, Cunning Stunts was later revealed to be much more. A massive update with tons of cars, outfits, all new custom race-tracks and of course the initially teased Creator overhaul were all bundled together into one neat package.

Cunning Stunts really takes racing to the next level in GTA Online. Stunt racing and "Parkour" maps have always been popular among the community, so now Rockstar jumped on the bandwagon and made them official. While the main attraction is the ability to build your own maps, Rockstar adding a whopping 16 official new stunt courses to the game with the update.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before: tracks coiling up into the sky, skyscraper jumps, turbo-boosted corkscrews at 20,000 feet... and that’s before you get to the giant bowling pins and the rings of fire.

Cunning Stunts is tossing the idea of GTA being grounded in reality off a loop suspended hundreds of feet in the air. This update will have you race through twisting tubes running through the city at skyscraper-height. These new Stunt Races are seemingly a new job type next to regular races and are denoted by a pink blip in-game. Based on the wording of the launch post, Rockstar might be releasing further official stunt races in the future.


However, the previously unannounced Premium Races feature is one of the most interesting additions. Time-limited events that only appear on certain dates, Premium Races are for the cream of GTA Online's racing community. These races pit seven competitors against one another with a twist - only 1st place gets a cash reward, albeit a big one.

In the early days of GTA Online, races were one of the best ways to earn money. Veteran and skilled racers had often voiced their hopes about this returning to the game and now it has - with a whole new level of competition. While the money is reserved for first place, all Premium Race contestants receive x3 RP. Yeah, not double, but triple.


Premium Races will have limited availability, a bit like the week-long events, but they offer skilled racers the chance to get some serious end-game PvP going and the chance to rack up serious cash. The first Premium Race circuit has kicked off with Cunning Stunts, and the schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 12th: Maze Bank Ascent (Sports)
  • Wednesday, July 13th: Duel (Muscle)
  • Thursday, July 14th: Splits (New Vehicle - Brioso)
  • Friday, July 15th: Vinewood Downhill (Motorcycles)
  • Saturday, July 16th: Racing Alley (Sports)
  • Sunday, July 17th: Canyon Crossing (Super)
  • Monday, July 18th: Turbine (Off-road)

It’s a brave new stunt-filled world out there in GTA Online, and you’re going to need some serious horsepower if you want to keep up. Lucky for you, 13 vehicles new to GTA Online are here to meet your every need

While the teaser and the trailer suggested Cunning Stunts will be bringing a motherload of new vehicles to the game, no one expected the final figure to be 13. Some big-name manufacturers are listed among these rides, so you can expect premium performance - and premium price.


Super: Annis RE-7B - $2,475,000; Emperor ETR1 - $1,995,000; Progen Tyrus -$2,550,000
Sports: Lampadati Tropos Rallye - $816,000; Obey Omnis - $701,000
Compacts: Grotti Brioso R/A - $155,000
Off Road: Vapid Desert Raid - $695,000; Vapid Trophy Truck - $550,000
Motorbikes: Nagasaki BF400 - $95,000; Western Gargoyle - $120,000
Muscle (all free): Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Vapid Pisswasser Dominator, Bravado Redwood Gauntlet

But that isn't where it ends. Rockstar teases that further racing vehicles will be added to the game over the course of the next few weeks. Expect more maps and rides to add to this already impressive roster!

In fact, several of the new cars are already present in the game files. The PC community being as crafty as it is, has already unveiled the names of these new vehicles. Some fans have also loaded up the 3D models to the engine for a sneak peek of what to expect. We'll be covering these upcoming vehicles tomorrow.


The current line-up of 16 official Stunt Race courses will be updated with more maps between now and the 2nd of August, so you can easily expect that number to round up to 20, maybe even more. GTA Online's racing scene really needed a boost, so these new maps are very welcome.

Rockstar also promised new outfits and other character customization items - and they have delivered. Countless new clothing items have been added to GTA Online in the Racing theme, as well as 50 new tattoos (how many are there in total now? The sheer selection must be overwhelming to folks who like tats on their toons).


However we now come to what is a small downer - the Content Creator overhaul isn't included in Cunning Stunts. But wait! No need to riot! It's coming on the second of August with the additional cars and races being released sporadically in between then and now to tide you over.

This was to be expected on some level, as the whole issue that kicked this off was the bug caused by prop stacking - after an update, stacking props opened up "holes" in the game world, allowing players to fall into the "Blue Hell". This bug is seemingly persistent, and pushed the development of the overhaul along.

Once the Stunt Race Creator launches, you can all put your creative powers to work on new, insane and challenging stunt tracks, making use of hundreds of new props Rockstar is adding to the feature. By that time you'll get a feel for the new gear thanks to the official Stunt Races, setting you off with more knowledge about how to balance a race.

Either way, the overhaul is coming, do not fret. In the meantime, the Premium Races, Stunt Races and new content should keep you occupied.

On that note, in accordance with tradition, Rockstar is also kicking off an event to commemorate Cunning Stunts. Logging in to GTA Online will during the event will unlock a special Black Jumpsuit so you can get stunting in style.


With all the new vehicles being added to the game, many players are probably hurting for some extra garage space - well, you're in luck, since all properties with garages, as well as standalone garages themselves, will be discounted by 20% while the event lasts. Unfortunately the property limit wasn't raised, but hey, a few of those cars can go, right?

Since this GTA Online DLC is all about the racing, tricking out your rides is crucial. On that note, select car mods - including suspension, brakes and engines - will be discounted by 15% all week.


To no-one's surprise, Rockstar has also announced the next GTA Online Snapmatic competition. This time they specified in advance that there would be five winning entries in total, each winning the standard one million prize. As you might imagine, the goal this time around is to capture the new vehicles while they are pulling of some amazing stunt. Expect all the winners to be action shots!

Finally, if you are hurting for some good old physical merchandise, the official Cunning Stunts Event Sweepstakes are happening right now on the Social Club events page. Entrants will be chosen at random to receive an exclusive care-package with some sweet GTA 5 themed loot bundled within.


Cunning Stunts is the most deviant - and based on the community response, possibly the most loved - update that has ever graced GTA Online. While Finance and Felony added plenty of new gameplay, a few initial stumbles made things a tad sour. This update is possibly what GTA Online needed to seriously revitalize itself and woo back countless droves of players.

Which part of the all new Cunning Stunts GTA Online DLC do you like the most? The rides, the stunts or maybe the outfits?


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