GTA Online's Hacker Issue *Might* Have Been Solved

We'll be cautious about this news for now, but if it turns out to be true, it would be a game changer for GTA Online. It seems that the new anti-cheat system implemented in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is doing its job.

If certain reports (in some cases by - now former - hackers themselves) are to be believed, as of yesterday the method of using mod menus in GTA Online has been patched, boarded up, riveted and welded shut. In addition to this, Rockstar now has a policy of actively hunting down hackers and banning them on the spot, rather than resorting to occasional ban-waves.

This isn't your regular temporary solution either - until now, the only thing Rockstar has managed to do was put roadblocks in front of GTA Online hackers. They usually circumvented these blocks within a week. However, as opposed to blocking the proverbial bridge, this time around Rockstar blew it the hell up.



Most mod menus used in GTA Online work on the basis of script injection (detectable but "slippery") or tunables (previously undetectable). Or, should we say "worked"? Whatever Rockstar did seemingly made injection impossible and tunables detectable.

Hackers have been reporting bans far more numerous than during any ban-wave previously, PC lobbies are extremely clean and it looks like things will stay that way - for a while at least. Nothing is un-hackable, however finding an all new method will take far more time and effort than finding a way to circumvent a few security measures.


Due to the high number of so-called "transfer cheaters" on current gen consoles and the complete and absolute lack of anti-cheat on last gen, this sudden move by Rockstar has made PC the cleanest platform for the first time in the game's history.

Have you noticed a marked decrease in the number of hackers in GTA Online overnight?

Aron Gerencser
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