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GTA Online Gunrunning Available Now

2017's most anticipated GTA Online DLC has just been released and the massive scale of the content that just got added is something to marvel at. Between a new class of vehicle, a new gameplay mechanic, weapon customization and much more, Gunrunning has brought so much to the table that players might be stumped as to what to start with.

Getting Started

Of course, with so much content, one of the first things you'll need is money. If you haven't been saving up until now like we suggested, then the first thing you should look at in Gunrunning are the bunkers. Bunkers are the new kind of mission-property needed for the gameplay mechanic introduced in the update.

To kick off a Gunrunning business however, you'll need to already have some criminal street cred. Which is to say, you either need to be a VIP, a CEO or the president of a motorcycle club. To become a VIP, you simply need to have enough cash backing you up, which incidentally has been lowered to allow more players access to the new Gunrunning content.

Before now, becoming a VIP required at least GTA$ 1 million in your Maze bank account, however now this has been radically reduced to a measly GTA$ 50K. Becoming a CEO or MC president remains tied to owning either an Executive Office or a Clubhouse, respectively. If you hit either of these criteria (we're guessing most people are CEOs by now) it's time to buy your bunker.

Buying A Bunker

There are a total of 11 bunkers available, ranging from GTA$ 1,165,000 - $4,070,000, without upgrades. There are a number of ways to customize your new underground lair, including: decor (if you can call it that) styles, personal quarters, that shooting range we saw in screenshots and the trailer, a gun locker which makes a return from Executive Offices and caddies to use for transportation within the sprawling subterranean complex.

By adding the shooting range, a number of challenges will become available. Up to four players can compete in these, which reward you with special weapon tints and clothing items not available otherwise. Additionally, there is a large garage space for your Mobile Operations Center, where you can upgrade and customize it.

Speaking of the MOC, before we go into details on its features, let us just highlight the fact that the trailer which houses the facilities can be towed by the Phantom Wedge. Yeah, the special vehicle with the big plow on the front end. Let that sink in.

Your bunker has five modules that you can use to add new features or departments to your gunrunning business. The modules include living quarters which act as a bare bones apartment, a weapon workshop which allows for gun customization (more on that later), personal vehicle storage with one slot, a command center which allows for the launching of missions and the control of exterior turrets as seen in the trailer and finally a weapon & vehicle workshop, which takes up 2 slots and allows for the customization of weaponized vehicles alongside that of weapons.

Mobile Operations Center

The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a monster. Once you've become the owner of your first bunker the vehicle can be bought from Warstock Cache & Carry for a mere GTA$ 1,225,000. There are two cab options and the MOC fits three modules out of a full selection of five available in your bunker. Unfortunately, you can't own more than one MOC just so you can have a full selection of other available modules at hand. This vehicle also unlocks special mobile operations missions which aren't available if you don't own a MOC.

The mobile operations missions are similar to the special vehicle missions from the previous DLC of this year, in that they have you using the new weaponized vehicles, and completing them will net you a discount on said vehicles alongside cash and RP. There are eight in total, which unlock in order following the prerequisite of four resupply missions being completed.

Weaponized Vehicles

As for those new weaponized vehicles, the game has expanded with six of them, though we suspect some more may be on their way as standalone DLC.

Amphibious APC

The amphibious APC can carry four players under the protection of thick armor plating and a heavy gun turret, which can be upgraded to a SAM rack. Additionally, an upgrade will allow the vehicle to drop proximity mines to discourage pursuit.

Overall, the APC is like a slower variant of the armored Insurgent with a tank turret strapped to the roof. It's amphibious but even slower in water. The SAM rack's drawback is that the missiles don't lock target, making shooting down aircraft bothersome, especially when you only have 54 missiles to work with.

Dune FAV

The Dune FAV is a quick and light offroad vehicle with much of the flashy, unnecessary riff-raff like outer plating and windshields stripped away, leaving only an engine, a frame, and a weapon riveted to the passenger-side dashboard. Weapon selection includes a grenade launcher, a machine gun and a minigun. The proxy mine upgrade is also available here. The overall performance of this variant is greater than the regular Dune, and is armored.


The Half-Track is like the unholy lovechild of a truck and a tank, packing a dual .50 cal turret on the rear which can be upgraded to a quad .20, and the proximity mines make a return here too. While the turn radius of this vehicle is poor, it's about as all-terrain as a vehicle can get in GTA Online. As long as the tracks are in contact with something, this beast will climb it.


The Oppressor is this DLC's craziest addition, being a jet powered hoverbike. Rockstar mostly abandoned any notion of realism in GTA Online with Cunning Stunts, but this is taking things to the next level. The flying bike totes a machine gun by default, which can be upgraded to missiles in case the absurdity of an MG wielding flying bike wasn't enough for you. When the wings are not extended, the bike behaves as a regular bike and the jet engine is used for boosting, as in the case of the Rocket Voltic. With deployed wings, the thing can be properly maneuvered mid-air. With the missile upgrade, the Oppressor can fire 20 homing missiles before needing a refill.

Weaponized Tampa

The Weaponized Tampa was the first of these new vehicles to be unveiled by Rockstar in the lead-up to launch. This ride packs some serious punch with added armor and a default top mounted machine gun turret. Dropping extra cash for upgrades can turn the turret into dual miniguns, adding a rear facing mortar and forward facing missiles. Including the standard proxy mine you have one of the most heavily armed vehicles in the game. That said, even upgraded, the armor can't take explosives, but will stop bullets reliably.

Anti-Aircraft Trailer

Finally, we have the vehicle which will give Hydra griefers nightmares. The Anti-Aircraft Trailer is an artillery station towed by a Vapid Sandler, which can be upgraded either with a dual .20 cannon with unlimited ammo, or a missile rack similar to the one on the APC.

The Business Of Making Money

All this talk of content from the Gunrunning update and not a single weapon has sprouted legs and sprinted away been illegally sold. The gameplay of the actual gunrunning mechanic is not unlike that of the CEO crate missions.

Firstly, you have set-up missions to get your first few batches of supplies to manufacture to get the ball rolling. Then, whenever things grind to a halt, resupply missions will let you get back on track. Finally, sell missions will what win you actual profit by selling your goods to interested parties.

There isn't much new here, since any CEO or MC president will know the drill. The new gameplay mechanics come in with the Research mechanic. A number of upgrades and weapon customizations need to be researched. You can either wait out the research time (4 hours) or pay for fast-track (instant) research at a cost of GTA$ 225,000. Since there are a total of 45 research upgrades, chances are you'll be hitting the money option more than once. If you want to fast-track everything it will cost you a cool GTA $10,125,000.

Weapon Customizations

Weapon customizations are among the upgrades you can research. These tie into the all new MK II upgrade system available for a limited range of weapons. The Pistol, SMG, Heavy Sniper, Combat MG, Assault Rifle and Carbine Rifle open up a vast array of new attachments, finishes, color options and ammo types for you to mod your guns with.

Among these is the explosive ammo upgrade. When applied to the Heavy Sniper, a total of 2 explosive rounds will blow up a Hydra, which is the best thing to come out of this update. New attachments include a vast array of specialized scopes and grips among much more.

Character Customizations

You'll be able to trick out your character with appropriate customization options as well. Joining 16 new tattoo designs is a massive collection of new clothing items as well as hairstyles. Additionally, players logging in for the next few days will gain access to a limited edition Hawk & Little white hoodie and the exclusive Rockstar Class of '98 (which has also recently been made available as an actual, real life T-Shirt) shirt.

Rockstar will soon be posting the details of a Snapmatic contest and Rockstar Editor contest for this newest GTA Online DLC. In the mean time, jump into the world of Gunrunning and get your bearings in your new Bunker. We'll soon be posting in-depth guides to help players maximize profit from this newest form of crime.


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