GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics Available

After yesterday's official announcement of the coming GTA Online DLC, Rockstar has now named and released the update which expands Benny's Original Motorworks with three new vehicles - however, just as we've suspected, there is more to this update than what was leaked before.  The new update brings some more content to the table, including a new game mode to sink your teeth into. We can expect the announcement of an accompanying double cash and RP week-long event to go along with it soon.

GTA Online Custom Classics, as teased yesterday, has added the Vapid Slamvan and the Dundreary Virgo Classic to the roster of cars serviced by Benny's Original Motorworks, as well as a new version of the Willard Faction which has been renamed the Donk to fit the new look. Benny's Original Motorworks was added to the game in the Lowriders update as a special bodyshop where you can outfit flashy lowrider cars - provided you have the dough.

Benny's was expanded once before in a smaller update which added new versions of the Karin Sultan and the Bravado Banshee. While the stats of the custom versions were a bit awry initially, after Rockstar fixed things the Banshee turned out to be the new fastest car in the game for a while. While none of the new vehicles will be breaking any records, the Donk sure as hell is something to look at.


Cars aren't the only new additions to GTA Online with the Custom Classics update, however. The update adds two new weapons as well - the Compact Rifle is an AK47 sans stock, while the Double Barreled Shotgun delivers twice the death. The Compact Rifle is suited to players who like shooting on the run. It ain't accurate, but if you point it in the general direction of your target and empty a clip, chances are at least one shot will hit. Conversely, the new shotty is for people who aren't satisfied with merely killing their opponents, and only sleep easy if the bastard is disfigured beyond recognition.


Custom Classics also adds a load of new customization options for your character. Tons of new clothes, 16 new tattoos including a few for your face and three new hairstyles per gender have been added, allowing you to accessorize once more and make your character stand out from every crowd (or, you know, you can use a Donk for that...).


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Since Rockstar is seemingly hooked on making new Adversary Modes, yet another one has been added with this new GTA Online update. You think you've seen everything there is to be seen in GTA Online? Well, the Sumo Adversary Mode has something altogether new for you.


Sumo features teams of players in various vehicles in a given arena, tasked with knocking their enemies out of the playing field before the timer runs out. Now, things really get interesting when that arena happens to be, say, the top of a skyscraper. Whether you want to persevere through brawn or survive with speed, pick your ride carefully or your K.O. will be more than literal.


Unfortunately, the Custom Classics update also has a small downside. Players have been reporting that the new DLC imposes a restriction on the content creator, limiting the distance between props, essentially preventing them to be stacked or for players to construct larger structures out of separate props. This is a puzzling move, as some of the most popular Capture maps feature custom structures - not to mention this is the definitive end of crazy wallrides and massive ramps.


It also seems that the leak was right about the new Sabre GT after all, as the short trailer for the new update teases "new lowriders coming soon". Benny is going to have his hands full for sure.

Now that you've had a chance to try out the new custom cars in GTA Online, which do you prefer?


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