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Chainsaws and more: Ex-Rockstar designer leaks GTA 6 details

Bringing back the chainsaw should get all the critics about the game's penchant for wanton violence all riled up.

In the video gaming universe, the anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 is a force of its own, with fans eagerly dissecting every scrap of information, rumours, leaks, and the elusive corporate silence from Rockstar Games.

Recently, we've had a new round of information suggesting that the upcoming game could see, among other things, the resurrection of chainsaws, a weapon that has been notably absent from the franchise for over 14 years.

Sayan Saha, a 2D/UI designer formerly employed with Rockstar Games, was spotted adding a mysterious yet tantalizing footnote about GTA 6 to his LinkedIn profile. Though swiftly deleted, it didn't escape the sharp eyes of quick-thinking fans who captured the bio before its retraction.

Ex Rockstar India employee said on LinkedIn that he worked on multiple things for GTA VI
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Before updating his profile, Mr. Saha's snippets suggested he worked on over "500 in-game 2D assets for GTA VI", including more than 25 "unique brands". What really grabbed fans' attention, though, were references to items like chainsaws, fire extinguishers, and electric boards as well as boat motors and car engines.

What adds fuel to this speculation is the fact that the last time chainsaws appeared in the series was in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, released in 2009. Fans fondly remember its debut in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as an homage to Scarface, a film that influenced the game's design and narrative. With leaks suggesting a return to Vice City, the timing for the chainsaw's comeback seems opportune.

Rockstar Games is infamous for its protective veil of secrecy surrounding GTA 6. Saha's brief, and now vanished, revelations align with this strategy. It's presumed that Saha's public profile update triggered an intervention by Rockstar's PR team to maintain their tight grip on the game's details.

GTA has the tall task of living up to the expectations set by its predecessor, GTA 5.

Despite this tactical silence from Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, fans remain undeterred in their quest for information. It's expected that more details will continue to emerge from every conceivable corner of the Internet.

As for the highly-anticipated official reveal of GTA 6, Rockstar Games is keeping its cards close to its chest. It remains unclear when the company will finally break the suspense. The gaming community's predictions for the release date range from 2024 to 2025, but official confirmation is still pending.

While fans are still in a dilemma whether to take these revelations at face value, one thing is clear - Rockstar Games' decision to stay mum about the game is only serving to fuel the anticipation. This approach, intentional or otherwise, is cementing the place of GTA 6 as the most eagerly awaited game of all time.

In the eyes of many, GTA 6 is the best game of all time - and it's not even out yet.

Curiously enough, this is the first time that someone outside of Rockstar referred to the in-development GTA game as GTA VI. You could argue that this is the only time someone that worked on the game referred to it as such. Keep in mind that Rockstar has only referenced GTA 6 to confirm that it's in development, to acknowledge the leaks, and to justify why Red Dead Online is going off to the sunset. For all intents and purposes, GTA 6 doesn't exist - only a new GTA game that Rockstar is working on does. Thus, Rockstar hasn't even begun marketing GTA 6 yet, which is the exciting part.

Given the amount of hype surrounding the next installment in the best-selling franchise, it's exciting to imagine how the internet would break once it's presumably nonchalantly announced on Rockstar's social media accounts.


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  1. @SilentSniperAU,
    Anything that can be used as a weapon and commonly is, that should be a go. Like you mentioned. Just think about anything you can find on the streets.

  2. @kingOf0,
    Yeah I can't expect them to allow use to pick up everything little thing we see but certain items should be placed around the city that can be used as weapons... broke glass bottles, bats, bricks, etc.

  3. @SilentSniperAU,
    Within reason, yeah. I mean this would make sense. Especially if you don't want to use a gun. Real life cities have people using all sorts as weapons, it isn't just guns.

  4. @kingOf0,
    Same. Just let us use anything a person can pick up as a weapon. It would be funny if we could pick up people and yeet them at other NPCs lol I think there is/was a mod for that in GTA 5.

  5. I am really hoping for some more random weapons like this. I mean they should allow things like broken bottles and stuff to be used as weapons. Depending on the physics, maybe allowing us to pick up car parts and hit people with them.

  6. I think we will end up getting more leaks before the year is up. It seems like they keep slipping up with covering their tracks and with thousands of people watching for any little mistake, more details will come out.

  7. @powerPlayer,
    I didn't even think about this when I heard the news on it. I guess maybe? I would be down for it. I love me some DBD so them having their own version would be sweet.

  8. They would really bring back chainsaws??

    Makes me wonder if they are going to have a game mode that competes with Dead By Daylight or something... :unsure:

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