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The Last Dose Guide / Los Santos Drug Wars DLC

Rockstar Games finally released the second part of the two-part GTA Online DLC, The Lost Santos Drug Wars. If you haven't already, you must complete the first six missions of the DLC called The First Dose to get the second set of missions.

The second part of the DLC contains five missions and is called The Last Dose. It concludes the story which features characters like Dax, Labrat, Luchadora, and the infamous Isiah Friedlander from the Story Mode.

In this guide, we show you how to complete all five missions of The Last Dose. They're not difficult to complete, but they definitely require some form of preparation, including buying snacks and armor, as all missions contain a lot of combat.

The Last Dose

To start The Last Dose missions, you must complete all six The First Dose missions. After completing the first six missions, you will receive a call from Dax.

After the call, you can start the mission by visiting 'D' outside the Freakshop. The letter 'D' represents Dax.

This is an Intervention

For the first mission, stocking up on armor and snacks would be best. After a lengthy introductory cutscene, you will be put into combat directly.

You will initially be in cover with several kidnappers trying to attack you from both sides of the Freakshop garage.

The mission is quite straightforward. You need to stay in cover and take out all the kidnappers. There's no time limit for this mission, so take your time.

Remember, the attackers will come from both sides of the garage. Once you've cleared one side, quickly run to the other and clear the kidnappers on the other side as well.

You will also notice attack choppers storming, once you've cleared one side. You can easily take them out by either eliminating the pilot or using a missile launcher. Use RPGs to take out vehicles. A minigun is also a good option.

Take advantage of the environment whenever you can. For instance, if you cannot target the enemies behind tankers, shoot them to cause an explosion and take out multiple enemies at once.

After a while, the kidnappers will start running away from the scene. At this point, take out the remaining enemies until you get a prompt to return to Dax. Do so to complete the mission.

Unusual Suspects

In this mission, you must go to three different hideouts and take out all the enemies except their leader. You and Dax will interrogate the leader at each hideout to find out where the kidnappers took Labrat.

When you reach the first hideout, stay in cover and take out all the enemies. Once again, there is no time limit, so take your time.

The leader will be marked on your mini-map with a crown icon. Do not kill the leader, or the mission will fail.

Once you've eliminated all the enemies, approach the leader and wait for Dax to finish his dialogue.

Once done, you will repeat the same at the next hideout. The third hideout will be the final hideout. The leader at the third hideout will give you Elysian Islands as the location.

When you reach Elysian Islands, you must identify the warehouse where the kidnappers took Labrat.

You can easily identify it by finding the black car outside the warehouse. It is the same car used to take Labrat away in the first mission, This is an Intervention.

Approach the keypad and interact with it to hack it. This is the classic mini-game of aligning white highlighted blocks with the red passing line whenever they are in place. Align all the blocks to hack the warehouse doors.

Once you enter the warehouse, you need to find five clues. These clues are not marked for you initially. However, when you get close to them, they show up as a 'green camera icon' on your mini-map.

You need to take pictures of five key items inside this warehouse and send them to Dax. Here are the five clues:

Warehouse Clue 1

Stack of military supply crates.

Warehouse Clue 2

A pharmaceutical keycard on the workbench.

Warehouse Clue 3

Medical supplies inside a wooden crate, just on the right of the workbench, with the pharmaceutical keycard.

Warehouse Clue 4

The wooden pinboard on the wall with the picture of Dax, Labrat, and Luchadora next to the sofas.

Warehouse Clue 5

A piece of a document on a red tools cabinet.

After capturing all five clues, two guards will appear in the warehouse. However, they won't be aware of your presence unless you walk into their cones of vision (you can check your mini-map to see their cones of vision).

You don't have to initiate an all-out attack on these guards. You can sneak past or take them out silently using a suppressed weapon. Alerting them will result in more enemies barging in.

After taking them out, return to the pharmaceutical keycard you took a picture of earlier and collect it.

After collecting the keycard, leave Elysian Island to complete the mission.


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