GTA V Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC Out Now

The wait is over. Part II of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC has now been released for GTA V on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The update adds to the line of new, luxurious and rather expensive items first introduced in Part I of the DLC. The whole point behind the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC is for players to be able to blow their money on all kinds of vanity items. The content pack was conceived after Rockstar began getting complaints that players had too much money and nothing to spend it on.

Their first reaction? Throw in a $10 million jet (and a few other vehicles and clothes) to keep the masses at bay until they come up with some other items with a tad more substance. That's where part II of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC comes into the picture, with a large roster of vehicles, even more clothes, and some weapons, new tattoos, and horns. The Lab radio station is now also available on all platforms, and current-gen consoles and PC gets nine knuckle duster variants. Players now also have the chance to create custom jobs in Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport. For PC players, Rockstar has added NAT indicators to help those of you with dodgy internet connections.


Ill-Gotten Gains Part II comes with the 1.28 update for GTA Online, which contains a set of bug fixes as well as the new content. These bug fixes include resolving many issues where the player character gets stuck and cannot move, as well as spawn issues, clipping and the loading of interiors. For full patch notes, check out the official post here.

The download size of the 1.28 update is 6.79 GB, however most of you won't need to download all of it, since about half of the update was already downloaded with Ill-Gotten Gains Part I.


What new luxury item will you be buying first from the roster of Ill-Gotten Gains Part II?

Aron Gerencser
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