GTA Online Lowriders Update Live Now

Hopefully a lot of you guys are reading this as you're simultaneously downloading the newest GTA Online update which contains the newest DLC, Lowriders, and which adds a whole lot of sweet content to the game for free.


The very existence of the DLC came as a huge surprise to the GTA community, seeing as the wild and insane rumors that began to spread after the initial hints were discovered in the code became so obnoxious and annoying that everyone came to dismiss them off hand. However, not only is Lowriders real, it is quite true to the rumors, and it's available for download right now.



The release coincides with the newest Playstation 4 firmware update, which is by no means accidental.

The whole Lowriders update is about 1.4 GB, which gives you a clear idea of the amount of content in this beast of a DLC. The update is adding six new lowrider vehicles to GTA Online, which can be purchased and customized in Benny's Original Motorworks, the new shop opening along with the update.

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Here's a price list for the new rides:

  • Vapid Chino: $225,000
  • Albany Primo: $9,000
  • Declasse Moonbeam: $32,500
  • Willard Faction: $36,000
  • Albany Buccaneer: $29,000
  • Declasse Voodoo: $5,500

Prices seem low, don't they? Well, these lowriders (no pun intended) won't bite into your bank account - customizing them, however, will. Seriously.

Putting together your dream ride, with all your favorite customization options chosen for it is much like building a brand new gaming PC. It's all pretty and makes you happy until your eyes reach the price tag, and the case is rarely the heavy hitter.

The update also features an unknown number of new cosmetic items, as well as two new weapons, the machine pistol and the fearsome machete.

Lowriders also adds new story content to GTA Online, as players can perform a new set of missions for Lamar.

So... anyone actually reading this, or is everyone playing GTA Online?


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