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Los Santos Tuners, the major summer DLC announced a while ago, is now available to all players in GTA Online. With the focus turned back to the cars we all love to drive and customize, Tuners represents a return to form following years of increasingly outlandish content.

With the DLC out now, all players are welcome to head down to the LS Car Meet by Cypress Flats opening up a new world of automotive content including new races, an auto shop property, ten new vehicles, a swath of new car customization options and more. Also present in the update are six new complex robbery missions called Contracts and a selection of quality of life updates not necessarily tied to the car meets.


LS Car Meet looks like a dilapidated warehouse from the outside, but on the inside you have the hottest cat meet venue in Blaine County. Here, petrolheads can congregate and show off their tricked out rides without worrying about the meddlesome authorities or other violent players crashing the party. Entering is free, but you can become a member with a one-time payment of GTA$ 50,000 to gain access to the special vendors, the Test Track and a bunch of other new content.

Membership benefits include customization options for vehicles and your character, discounts on new content, new race types, missions, the Contract robberies and the underground Test Track with its own challenges. Here you can take any of the vehicles you already own for a spin, or give the Karin Calico GTF, the Annis Euros or the Pfister Comet S2 a try.

Members can access the Mod Shop, a new car customization shop where not only do you have access to new customization options not available elsewhere, but your vehicle will be shown and updated real time as you tinker so that anyone in the LS Car Meet can see you work. There's also a Merch Shop for clothes and other goodies, and every week you can participate in the limited Prize Ride event on the Test Track that lets you win a different car with each rotation - not unlike the Diamond's Lucky Wheel vehicle prize.

Hanging out around the LS Car Meet are performer Moodymann - who you'll know already from The Music Locker - and underground insider Sessanta. From them, you'll get a hot tip on getting your own Auto Shop property, which no only acts as another place for you to spawn, store your cars or customize your vehicles, but is what you need to unlock Contracts.

Jobs are a new take on the classic and popular Heists formula - once again these are multi-part missions with setups and a final resulting in a major payout, but the settings and enemies are more varied and players can complete these Contracts alone start to finish.

It's not all high-stakes robberies, though. The Auto Shop also gives access to legitimate car customization commissions where affable clientele pay you to trick out a vehicle to their tastes and deliver it, while Exotic Exports is the same, but less legal - this means more risk and a higher reward.

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The Auto Shop can also be expanded with living quarters, a car lift for you to work on more than one ride at a time, a fancy 10-car garage and more, making it a highly versatile property that you'll definitely want to set as your spawn point.

A new kind of collectible also hits the streets with Los Santos Tuners - scattered around the game map are media sticks pre-loaded with new tracks for you to play on your vehicle's radio anytime on the road. There are four sticks hidden throughout GTA Online, and collecting all will unlock 20 tracks CircoLoco Records created specifically for this update, as well as the exclusive CircoLoco tee for your character.

No car meet DLC would be complete without a selection of new vehicles, and Los Santos Tuners packs 10 new cars - with 7 more on the way to be released across the coming weeks. That's right, dripfeed DLC is back, recalling a time in GTA Online history where it wasn't just events being revealed each Tuesday.

Hundreds of new clothing items have also hit the streets of Los Santos, some of which come from a new label called Born X Raised. Players can celebrate the new addition by picking up the Black Born X Raised tee for free from any clothing store in-game, and unlock the White Born X Raised tee by completing any Contract finale.

To further celebrate the release of GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners, all players who log into the game this week will receive a free Race and Chase Arcade Cabinet for their Auto Shop property. If you only buy the Auto Shop property later on, you'll still be eligible for the freebie as long as you qualified.

If you head down to the LS Car Meet and pick up a membership, this week you have the chance to win a brand new Annis Remus for free, provided you place in the top three of a Prize Ride race around the Test Track. Check back each week for a chance at winning a different car entirely for free, provided your skills are up to snuff.

A bunch of freebies are up for grabs for the early birds jumping into Los Santos Tuners content this week. Entering the LS Car Meet will get you a LS Customs Varsity Jacket, becoming a member will earn you the Ron Racing livery for the Pfister Comet S2 launching next week, taking part in a Sprint Challenge will unlock the Rockstar Yellow Pattern tee and on top of all this, if you manage to progress with you reputation track and hit Rank 20 before the 17th of August, you'll get a kickback of GTA$ 250,000

Stay tuned for guides and more news about Los Santos Tuners and other upcoming content in the coming days.


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