GTA Online Halloween DLC Released

As announced not too long ago, today GTA Online recieved its annual dose of spooky content in order to celebrate Halloween. Unlike last year, this Halloween DLC didn't come after a period of intense speculation. Instead it came as something as a surprise to the community after Red Dead Redemption 2 stole pretty much every headline as well as the community discussion.

With everyone focused wholeheartedly on the upcoming wild west romp, almost everyone forgot entirely about the fact that the end of October is nearing, and with it, the hyper-commercialized celebration of Halloween. While last year was the first time GTA Online received proper DLC, at that time most people assumed they would see the content again the next year.

While we did post a piece about proposed content for an all new Halloween DLC, the concept wasn't exactly a hot topic. However, Rockstar finally dropped the bomb with an announcement 3 days ago, showing off the new bike, the fearsome Sanctus, for the first time in an official capacity, while also releasing the Pegassi Vortex, an all new bike marrying the design of the café racer and the street fighter.



Today, the DLC was finally released, allowing players to play the new Lost vs Damned Adversary Mode while also making the LCC Sanctus available for purchase. The new mode takes the tried and true formula of the team deathmatch and adds a new twist to it all. One team is comprised of Angels, while the others are the Demons. The mode has a 60-second day/night cycle.

During the day, the Angels get a boost to armor and damage output, and scoring kills on Demons helps them score points. During the night, the same is true the other way around. Whenever the opposing team has their 60 second cycle, not only are you and your mates weakened, but killing your stronger opponents does not net you any points - only survival.


As is to be expected, Rockstar has also kicked off a double RP and GTA $ promo to go with the new DLC. Any and all games of Lost vs Damned will earn you double the rewards through the 7th of November. That said, the new mode isn't the only one that is getting a piece of the double rewards pie.

A number of Adversary Modes in GTA Online with a spooky theme to them are going to be included in a one-day exclusive Halloween playlist. Available only on the 31st of October, meaning next Monday, the playlist will contain maps from last Halloween's Mode and fan favorite, Slasher, as well as Beast vs Slasher and Come Out to Play.


The all new Sanctus bike, which is a tricked out version of the LCC Avarus, has also been added to the game. The spooky new chopper can be bought from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for a whopping GTA $1,995,000, which is pretty steep for a bike in the game. The ride features a nasty skull instead of a regular headlight, and is customized with a whole suite of scary features.

Players have already pooled their experience and shared some pointers on the performance of the Sanctus. In no way is this the fastest bike in the game, however it is currently the fastest chopper. Unfortunately, it has poor traction and handling, meaning that driving it is really difficult. Most people suggest grabbing this for its looks, not for its performance.


Rockstar has also doubled down on the free t-shirt giveaway this Halloween - or tripled, with a condition. All players who log into GTA Online between now and the 7th of November will automatically receive a Twilight Knife and Butchery and Other Hobbies shirts to use in-game.

You'll also unlock a third shirt with a "Bombshell Bloodbath: Cheerleader Massacre 3" logo on it if you purchase the all new Sanctus before the same date, November 7th. In case the badass chopper with a freaking skull on it isn't enough to convince you to drop $GTA 2 million, the free shirt thrown in surely will. It is limited edition, after all.


As expected, the limited edition items from last year's Halloween DLC, including the Franken Strange and the Lurcher Hearse (which can be acquired via a different method) are back on sale as well. These items include masks, facepaints, bobbleheads and special horn sounds for vehicles.

These items will remain available for purchase through the 15th of November. It is unknown whether or not the Sanctus will also become unavailable after that time, or if it will follow in the footsteps of the Valentine's Day DLC and remain for sale.

Will you be picking up a Sanctus in GTA Online, or is 2 million too much for a bike in your opinion?

Aron Gerencser
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