GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals Available Now

The newest DLC for GTA Online, the update all the news has been about these past days, the content which was leaked weeks in advance, is finally out.

Executives and Other Criminals went online a few hours ago worldwide giving players the chance to download the update and access the all new content. This DLC is quite a big one, bringing significant changes to GTA Online, and you can expect on-going coverage over the coming days and weeks.

In fact, the initial announcement of this DLC only scratched the surface of what the update is adding to GTA Online. The whole VIP system introduced in this update will work by allowing players who have at least GTA$ 1M deposited in their Maze bank account to found their own organisation, name it, and hire a maximum of three bodyguards.

Prospective bodyguards can look for employers through the SecuroServ app on the in-game smartphone. Players who choose to become bosses can supply their bodyguards with weapons, ammo, armor and special vehicles, like the turreted limo as seen in the trailer. Special organisation abilities also come into play, like making your company temporarily "disappear" with the Ghost Organisation ability.

Bodyguards earn GTA$5,000 in-game cash as a fixed salary with the chance to earn more via jobs done for their employer, or by completing random VIP Freemode Events. However, keep in mind that as a bodyguard, any job you do that is unrelated to the organisation will benefit your boss, as the cash reward will go to them.


The update also adds an all new Adversary Mode (surprise surprise), called Extraction. Here, bodyguards must locate and safely escort their VIP to safety, while the offensive team of rival Bodyguards must take the VIP out.

Executives and Other Criminals is available for download now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Which new feature of the new GTA Online DLC do you enjoy the most?


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