Festive Surprise 2017 Now Live In GTA Online

It's that time of year again when every square centimeter of free space is covered with multicolored lighting, every shop blasts the same 4-track holiday playlist on repeat and people on the internet argue about what specific wording your seasonal greetings should be composed of.

In GTA Online, this time of year means fireworks launchers and festive masks, among other things.

To celebrate Christmas, Rockstar has brought back all of their festive-themed character customization items, allowing them to be purchased once again. The roster is being expanded with new masks and outfits as well, so players who have been loyally celebrating the festivities within the virtual confines of GTA Online for the past few years also have something to look forward to.


Beyond being able to buy festive masks like the creepy Reindeer, angry Gingerbread man and sleazy Elf, a number of free log-in rewards will also be in effect, granting players their Christmas presents upon logging in during the following few days. The first free gift on the list is an all-new Krampus mask.

As mentioned above, the fireworks launcher is also available again, as is ammo for it - something you can't get normally during the year. As nice as all these bits and bobs are, the thing everyone is looking forward to the most is snow.

Rockstar usually "activates" snow in GTA Online twice a year - for two days around Christmas eve and another day on New Year's eve. It seems they won't be deviating from that schedule this year either, as Los Santos will be covered with snow this coming weekend.

In terms of more mundane additions, a new car has been added to GTA Online's already bloated roster. The Übermacht Sentinel Classic is a long-requested ride based off an older model of BWM. We won't call it vintage since it isn't that old, but she definitely has a few years in her.

While the name carries the Classic moniker, the car actually falls into the regular Sports class, and isn't exactly a top performer. But then again this ride is more aimed at collectors than it is at racers, with most of the people requesting it being enthusiasts who want a nice piece of metal to look at while cruising around in Freemode.

The Sentinel Classic will set you back GTA$ 650,000, a very affordable price in terms of GTA economy.

The game also got expanded with a new Adversary Mode, Occupy, that takes your typical zone-capturing multiplayer shooter game mode and spices it up with weaponized vehicles. Teams will need to capture and hold control points while trying to wrest the points under enemy control using the impressive firepower of things like the Oppressor and Ruiner 2000, among others. As always, the new Mode will pay out double GTA$ and RP, though for a longer period this time - the promo is live through the 8th of January.

Also joining the ranks of festive goods are a bunch of discounts, including on the Arcadius Business Center, Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499, all Yachts, Pegassi Zentorno, Armored Karin Kuruma, Nagasaki Buzzard, and finally the HVY Insurgent. As opposed to the usual fare of 25% off, all of these items are now slightly cheaper at 30% off.

This month has been filled with quite a few surprises from Rockstar, like The Doomsday Heist, the Red Dead Redemption 2 cross promo and the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, so we wouldn't be surprised if the following days produce some other new surprises from them.

Aron Gerencser
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