Celebrate Independence Day With the New GTA Online Update

GTA V Independence Day

It’s July, and Independence Day is this Friday. Rockstar is getting into the spirit of the holiday with the latest update for GTA Online, available now. In the Independence Day Special (in association with Ammu-Nation), you can display the colors of the American flag with the new Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign motorcycle, and a variety of clothing options.

Two new weapons are available from Ammu-Nation: the Musket and the Firework Rocket Launcher. There are also seven new properties from which you can set off fireworks displays. Other additions include the Ferris Whale and Leviathan Roller Coaster at Pleasure Pier.

GTA V Independence Day screenshot

You have until mid-July, with the specific date to be announced later, to redeem content from the Independence Day Special. Check out Rockstar’s announcement for the full details. There will be an Independence Day Special event this weekend.

This update also launched On Call Matchmaking, where you can accept a Job and then continue to play until the Job fills, as well as other bug fixes.

Samantha Lienhard
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