It's Arena War Week In GTA Online

When it comes to stress relief, nothing quite compares to blood sports, does it? This week Grand Theft Auto Online players can head down to the Maze Bank Arena to vent all their pent up frustrations as you crush a vehicle beneath the wheel of your tricked-out monster truck. You can also grab some rides perfect for arena battles on the cheap.

Arena War offers a wide array of dangerous, high-octane game modes where you can duke it out with other players driving all sorts of custom vehicles designed to be as far away from road legal as possible - as well as double rewards across the board, including RP, GTA$ and Arena Points. Jump into your favorite destruction derby and start earning. If you own an Arena Workshop - highly recommended - you can upgrade your arena vehicles with the Vertical Jump ability for free.


If you want to break free of the confines of the arena, but want to bring your streak of destruction with you out into the open, it's time to hop into Rhino Hunt. This Adversary Mode is paying out double rewards this week, and either pits you against a heavily armed tank which you need to take down with only sticky bombs or drops you into the belly of the beast itself.

Should you have a greater preference for cleaner business ventures instead of rumbling through the muck and grime of the arena, there is a perfect opportunity ripe for the exploitation: Special Vehicle Work. Grab your associates and hit up your SecuroServ terminal for 2x GTA$ and RP missions.

Switching back to the simpler log-in reward scheme common before our free weekly shirts were tied to Cayo Perico Heist completion, all players who play GTA Online this week in any capacity will unlock a Brute Heavy Duty Tee. You can also get a Pfister Comet SR from the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond if you strike the vehicle reward!

Fittingly, most of the discounts on offer this week are in some form related to Arena War - you can get the Arena Workshop property and all of its add-ons for 40% off, opening the floodgates for the 30% discount on all Arena Vehicle Weapons and upgrades.

There are plenty of discounted vehicles you can fill your arena arsenal up with. The Arena Annis ZR380, Arena Western Deathbike, Arena HVY Scarab, Arena Bravado Sasquatch, Arena Vapid Slamvan and Arena Declasse Impaler are all 30% off. Less outlandish vehicles like the Declasse Tulip, Benefactor Schlagen GT, Schyster Deviant, Weaponized Dinghy and Mammoth Squaddie are 40% off.

Aron Gerencser
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