Zombies in Grand Theft Auto 5

Zombies are very popular in video games right now. In fact, they’re popular everywhere, to the point where some people feel the market is crowded with them and it’s time for a rest. At the same time, many fans would still like to see zombie DLC and modes incorporated into more of their favorite games, such as the way Call of Duty handles it. Lately, the name GTA V is the one that has come up in connection with potential zombie modes.


Grand Theft Auto has never involved zombies in any official capacity, although some fans made zombie mods for older GTA games. Since the number of GTA V mods should shoot up once the PC version comes out early next year, it’s likely similar mods will appear for it. But the rumors in the air point to some sort of official zombie content. A recent leak of potential DLC content, which originated with a fan who search the game’s files for new lines, included a mysterious bit of code called “main_ZMB.” ZMB? Zombies? That’s what many fans thought when they learned about it.

How could zombies be added to Grand Theft Auto V? How would it work? There are many possibilities, but here are five ideas for GTA 5 zombie modes.

1. Zombie Outbreak DLC

Single-player DLC is the first way zombies could be added. In a traditional zombie story—or perhaps something with its own odd twist to make it stand out from the crowd—a zombie virus would spread throughout the city. It would be different from usual GTA V missions, a spooky change of pace where players must stop the infection before it’s too late. This could also work as a cooperative GTA Online mission.

2. Survival Mode

Modes such as this could be activated with a new GTA 5 cheat code, but they would work just as well as a separate mode added to the game. Whereas the first idea placed you at the start of the zombie outbreak, this would put you in the middle of it. Trapped in the zombie-filled streets of Los Santos, players would have to fight for survival. Maybe someone else is searching for the cure and you have to survive for a set amount of time, or maybe there is no hope and you just have to last as long as possible. Either way, survival is key.

3. Kill ‘Em All

This mode is similar to Survival, except instead of, well, surviving, the player must kill all the zombies to win—stop the infection by wiping it out. Zombie carnage and player power come together to let everyone fulfil their dreams of blasting away the undead in Los Santos.

4. Zombie versus Zombie

Who says you need humans to make a zombie mode fun? Not only would all the NPCs become zombies, but so would the player’s character. With everyone undead, the zombies would turn on each other, and it would become a fight to see who would get the most kills. In a variant, human survivors could be additional targets.

5. Infection Mode

Nothing groundbreaking here, just a standard zombie multiplayer mode that could be added to GTA Online. At the start of the round, half of the players are humans and half are zombies. If a zombie kills a human, the human joins the zombie team. For the human team to win, at least one player must remain uninfected at the end of the match, while the zombie team must convert everyone. GTA V’s gameplay could add a new twist to Infection Mode.

There you have it, five ways zombies could be added to GTA V. Perhaps it will be a Halloween surprise.

Matt Stone

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