Youtube Bans Sex Scenes, Not Murder/Torture

Whether or not you agree with censorship, its implementation is often baffling or outright contradictory. A perfect example is the recent censorship of GTA V on Youtube. Youtube users who have uploaded videos of sexual content from GTA V have been warned or even banned.

Youtube Ban

Now, if Youtube doesn't want sexual content on its site, that's its decision, but why is sex the only thing not allowed? Videos about theft in GTA V aren't a problem. Clips of murder in GTA V aren't a problem. Even the notorious and controversial GTA V torture scene isn't a problem. Let's consider that for a moment.

This is fine:

This could get you banned.


GTA V sex

Something about that just doesn't feel right... and it's raised all sorts of arguments among fans. Some claim uploading GTA V's sexual content is just a cheap way for Youtube users to get a lot of hits. Others are concerned about what this will do to Let's Play and walkthrough videos, especially when GTA V is released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. Many pin the blame of Google, which acquired Youtube and now makes such decisions. And of course, such debates wouldn't be complete without an argument over whether violent media causes violence.

This isn't the first time we've heard about things like this. Last year, there was a controversy where Facebook banned videos of women breastfeeding, but not videos of beheadings. It's a strange phenomenon of censorship that implies sex is more offensive than just about anything.

What do you think? Does Youtube's opposition to GTA V's sex scenes make sense?

Matt Stone

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