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You Can End The World In GTA V

The apocalypse comes to the world of GTA three years late.

Well known modder JulioNIB, responsible for wonderful creations such as the Jetpack and Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook, is most famous for his Iron Man Armor and Hulk mods. The Brazilian modder has quite a bit of experience, as his custom content career began back when GTA IV was the game that everyone played.


He since gained fame and reputation among modding circles, however it was the wider popularity of GTA V that really pointed the spotlight his direction. Julio's Patreon page shows off what mod ideas he has for the future, and while this particular modification isn't on the list, it is a simple script which gave him some much needed rest.

The mod in question is the all new Asteroid Mod. Julio is unrelenting in his drive to put out fun and engaging mods, regardless of how difficult Rockstar is making it for him, and just like the Hulk mod before this one, he proves his dedication. All in all, this is a small script, and makes use of assets already present in the game files.

The script is quite self explanatory. It summons an asteroid shower, with flaming boulders the sizes of large houses falling from the sky en masse and exploding on impact. The player-initiated armageddon really is a sight to behold, with the large asteroids illuminating the dark, evening sky.

Obviously, the asteroids are not only pretty, but also pretty dangerous. This isn't just a visual mod, as the asteroids actually impact the game map, and can cause a whole lot of damage. Being in close proximity to the impact location of a larger rock already means certain death, not to mention getting hit head on.

What other world ending disasters would you like to see modded into GTA V?


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