Yet Another Solution To GTA V Gridlock - The Traffic Plow

Some time ago we reported on a particularly creative and/or insane GTA V modder who built large ramps around his vehicle in order to plow through oncoming traffic like it was nothing to worry about.


The result was a thoroughly entertaining video and a lot of wrecked NPC vehicles littering the highways of GTA V's Los Santos and Blaine County. Well, someone was seemingly inspired by this show of genius lunacy, and decided to come up with a whole new way of getting cars out of your way when you're in a hurry.


One modder known as "the Suspect" has decided to take inspiration from the snow-plows which cruise around during the winter, clearing the roads of the pesky white frozen fluff which is the bane of personal vehicles. These high-power trucks are equipped with a large, eponymous snow plow which tossed the oncoming frozen matter off to one side.


Well, the Suspect has decided to implement the same principle with cars. The construction of his plow is a bit crude, using the cargo container models already used in GTA V, which incidentally were also used for the ancestral ramp.

In the end we are greeted by a rather peculiar contraption, which, while resembling a snow plow quite closely, works in the opposite direction. Instead of the angled face of the device being at the front of the vehicle, tossing oncoming traffic into the ditch, it is located at the rear, depositing them in the other lane (because, you know, screw everyone).

The resulting mayhem in both directions is truly a magnificent sight to behold, however, as surprising as it may be, the Suspect fails to cause an epic highway accident with his monster machine.

Would you guys make use of such a machine in real life, or do you drive like it's GTA anyway?

Mike Roberts

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