Yet Another LSPDFR 0.3 Feature Previewed

The previews for the next major build of GTA V’s premiere total conversion mod, LSPDFR, are getting expanded with new info showing eager fans what the team has planned for the changes to the pursuit system in the upcoming release.

Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive gameplay total conversion modification for GTA V which flips the tables, turning the open world criminal mayhem into a solid police simulator. Considering you’re on the side of the coppers here, and that chasing down criminals will be what you spend most of your time doing, the pursuit mechanic of the mod is sort of a big thing.


Work on 0.3 has been going ahead steadily, with the LSPDFR team putting in some serious man hours to get the update out to fans. Development has picked up pace once more after a rather long period of delays and issues posed by Rockstar’s various (and rather aggressive) methods of stifling GTA Online mods and hacks, which initially disabled mods all together, and later broke the game entirely.


While 0.3 will feature a whole boatload of new and exciting features, the team over at LSPDFR couldn’t help but sneak in some subtle tweaks and refinements to the core pursuit system. However you’ll need to be paying serious attention to notice these outright, as the regular player will only realize that the chases are a bit more immersive and responsive, with more variety.

The main update is the AI tweaks, making both your NPC cop squad mates and the escaping crooks that much more intelligent. With the cops being a lot more cold and calculative, and the suspects being more aggressive and brash, you’re certainly in for some seriously action packed high speed chases around the streets of Los Santos.


Are you guys looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?

Aron Gerencser
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