It’s Yet Another GTA V PC Sale

Yup, it's a games sale

In the world of digital distribution purchasing games at full price is flushing money down the shitter.

Buying games at full price is this, literally

When one distributor’s sale ends, another’s begins. Discounts codes, coupons, and sales offer a multitude of methods to acquire games for a significantly lower price than the standard $60 you usually need to shell out (for a AAA game like GTA 5). Recently, GTA V has been discounted on several occasions for every platform it released on. And now yet again the PC version of Rockstar’s blockbusting open world crime game can be bought at a low price.

If you head on over to GamesPlanet, a retailer and digital distributor based in the United Kingdom, you can pick up GTA V for £31.99. That is a full 20% markdown from the game’s standard price. Considering GTA V initially released more than 2 years ago, it has kept its value (at full price at least) steady. This was mainly made possible due to the spread out release schedule of the various platform ports, with the PC version being less than a year old.

You after this latest sale

In this day and age AAA titles lose value swiftly and the vast majority of games have their price reduced by half pretty quickly. However GTA is one of the few games with the kind of brand recognition that allows it to keep the $US60 price point up for so long. It stands alongside the likes of Call of Duty (even after several years, the older installments are still full price) and FIFA in this regard.

Yup, it's a games sale
Yup, it’s a games sale

Considering that this is the umpteenth GTA V discount in recent weeks, and that a ludicrous number of copies have been shipped (a whole 54 million), not counting digital sales (which far outnumbers physical), chances are that anyone who wanted to get GTA V probably has it by now.

Honestly, does anyone know anyone who wants GTA V but still hasn’t gotten around to purchasing it?

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