Yet Another GTA V Cell Phone Easter Egg Found

New phone numbers in GTA V are popping up a lot more often all of the sudden, aren't they?

First the mysterious black cellphone cheat was found which triggered a small explosion right in front of you and turned your phone black. All sorts of fan theories were put forward right after, with players trying to solve the Mount Chiliad mystery being the most imaginative theorists of all. Soon afterwards all of the regular in-game cheats had their phone equivalents discovered.


With this newest discovery it appeats that there is a lot more to the phones of GTA V than meets the eye. A Reddit user and GTA V fan recently reported the discovery of a new phone number which he has also documented.

I heard about the 1-999-EMP-DROP and after dialing it I decided to screw around with the phone for a minute after and found that when you dial 1-999-666-9420 the number plays jive music.

Some numbers in GTA V simply respond with on-hold music, however this one produces a kind of music no other number does. Plus, the fact that it is a new number that gives a response makes it quite the find.

The option to activate cheats by dialing specific phone numbers was first introduced in the current-gen releases of the GTA games as well as the PC versions. While players had plenty of fun tracking down the regular codes, it quickly became apparent that Rockstar hid some easter eggs in there.


Calling various numbers (full list here) produces either music or some random response with comedic value. After finding this out, naturally players thought that there was a lot more going on here than mere cheats and music, and that this might be a clue to something big coming up.

Have you guys found any undocumented phone numbers in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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