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Windows 10 Creators Update Is GTA 5 "Safe"

Whenever Microsoft spools things up for a new major Windows update, the community is mired in anxiety rather than anticipation. What will they bake into the OS this time? Ads? Spyware? Something that vaporizes your GTA 5 savefile?

Actually, the latter was a very real threat, since major Windows updates have previously been known to shred users' Steam data including save games, and some people have reported that the new Creators update asked them to uninstall Steam - along with all the games - prior to applying the update itself.

However, you'll be glad to know that so far, it seems that the new Creators update is mostly harmless when it comes to the safety and functionality of GTA 5 and Online. There has been one particular compatibility issue reported, but we've also got a nice and simple fix for it.

Some players have reported that after installing the Creators update (the most useful feature of which is arguably night light), the GTA 5 launcher would crash on startup, preventing them from updating the game. Unfortunately uninstalling the game won't help, since the launcher is required to reinstall, and it still won't work in these cases.

Update your software and get back in the game

The culprit here are the MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner tools. They're fairly widespread among PC gamers, so we wouldn't be surprised if a handful of you have bumped into this issue. All you need to do is update the software to its latest version in order to solve this very odd and very specific compatibility issue.

Once Afterburner is up to date, you should run into no issues trying to play GTA 5. That said, the built-in "game mode" isn't remotely useful, and will likely actually worsen performance. You're better off not using any kind of boosting software, or if you're prone to leaving many background processes running, get a dedicated third party program to "boost" your rig when playing.


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