Will We Get Some Halloween GTA V DLC?

The day of the dead is fast approaching and some of you might be hoping that Rockstar will throw out a small clothing DLC or a weekend event to commemorate the event. However considering that two Halloweens have passed since GTA V was released, and not a single Halloween DLC was made to accompany them, we wouldn’t hold our breath. That said it is still entirely possible that Rockstar will come up with something.


Some fans are hoping for at least some sort of small scale DLC pack that will include cosmetic items and maybe even a halloween themed vehicle (a nerfed GTA Online compatible Duke’o’Death?) will be released on the 31st.

However even if any DLC content is uncertain, we can be sure that there will be some sort of weekend event, giving players double RP and GTA $ for certain missions in GTA Online. They will, in some way, be linked with Halloween (we can guarantee that Hunt the Beast will be one of them) as well as offering some discounts on various items.

However, if you’re hurting for some in-game Halloween celebration we’re certain there’s some mods will have you covered with some sweet halloween themed clothes and even costumes… Or you can just go track down the elusive Sasquatch peyote plant and terrorize the people of Los Santos as a monstrous Bigfoot.


Some cultures take Halloween more seriously than others and the celebration has quite a bit of importance in the US. While GTA has British roots, it is ostensibly based on American culture, so the downplaying of Halloween in GTA V until now was rather surprising. This is why many players are expecting something more substantial this time around. Rockstar really could boost the number of log-ins at the end of October with a scary DLC.

Are you guys hoping for a halloween themed DLC pack?

Aron Gerencser
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