When the NPCs of GTA V Randomly Attack

You shoot them, beat them up, run them over, blow them up... You land planes on top of them, drop bombs on the and bring all sorts of mod-induced terror upon them. Now they're back for revenge.


Being an NPC in GTA V is an extremely perilous job, with all kinds of dangers (all caused by the player, directly or indirectly) just waiting to end your life in the most gruesome way. The average life expectancy in Los Santos must be the lowest in the country, and it drops significantly with the introduction of mods such as the Incredible Hulk, though "natural" disasters such as mass-car crashes (definitely caused by the player) are also present.


Well, the citizens of Los Santos are rather pissed about the whole affair, and are out to get the Protagonist. Be it Michael, Franklin or Trevor, they've all pissed off plenty of average, every day men and women. With the Random Attackings mod, your character will be, you guessed it, randomly attacked. Franklin will be set upon by teams of masked assassins, Trevor will be attacked by droves of racist rednecks (reminiscent of one of his Rampage missions), while Michael is hunted by Madrazo's thugs. These are the lore-pairings at least, but practically any protagonist can be attacked by any group.

Rarely the attacker will roll on an elite enemy known as Zippo Raid, a specially tough pursuer who comes at you with a Duke O'Death.

The random attacks occur based on a chance roll which occurs every five to ten minutes. If an attack is skipped, the timer simply resets, while if an attack is initiated, the timer resets after the downing of the last attacker. This mod isn't very content heavy, but it will sure make running around in the open world a whole lot more eventful, and maybe players will learn not to screw with the PEDs anymore.

Matt Stone

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