When are the Prime Gaming Benefits for GTA Online ending?

As part of Amazon's foray into gaming, it started investing in incentives for its subscription service. Those who linked their Rockstar Social Club account to Amazon Prime Gaming have received bonuses since 2019, which include everything from in-game cash and real estate to accessories, and more.

It appears that Rockstar Games and Amazon are officially ending their partnership.

Unfortunately, this fan-favorite benefit is coming to an end.

Here's what the FAQ section on the Rockstar Games support page says:


Prime Gaming benefits are no longer supported as of March 31, 2023, for Grand Theft Auto Online and April 3, 2023, for Red Dead Online.

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If it's any consolation, GTA players who logged into the game on March 30 and 31 will get $125,000. Meanwhile, Red Dead Online players will receive 5 gold bars, a "Scream" emote, a hat of what color you want, and a hooded tunic.

Amazon Prime Gaming was the second-most favorite subscription in GTA Online, second to Rockstar's very own GTA+ subscription. So, you can't blame some for feeling as though they were dropped like a sack of potatoes. The worst part isn't even that this happened - it's how the announcement was made. Neither Rockstar nor Amazon made an official statement - players only got an updated FAQ page.

Losing the GTA$125,000 bonus definitely stings, as will the in-game items discounts.

Despite its age, GTA Online continues to get updates from Rockstar Games.

Be sure to check out the latest GTA Online update to know more about what's happening in the game.

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