What to Expect in GTA V Multiplayer

We all know that Grand Theft Auto V is going to have multiplayer. Like it or not, just about every game has some facet of online interaction these days. GTA IV had a ton of modes that were a whole lot of fun and in GTA V we should look for Rockstar to take what they already had and expand upon it.

Free Mode

You have to expect that GTA V will have a Free Mode like IV did. This mode will let you fully explore the massive GTA V map at you leisure, dodging other players as you go. There will undoubtedly be an option to turn off friendly fire so players can’t hurt each other, but that’s not a lot of fun, is it? Sure, Free Mode was always full of trolls and griefers, but sticking it to them was a blast.


As you probably already know, the GTA V map will be unprecedented in its sheer size, so it will be interesting to see how Rockstar makes it work, but work it they undoubtedly shall. With the larger map, it would also be nice to see more players in the lobby. So you don’t have to travel as far to kill them, of course.


Racing has ever been a part of Grand Theft Auto in the pure sense, however that said that there is a whole lot of cool cars to steal and drive as fast as you can! In GTA IV, there were a lot of variations on the racing theme that made it fun for people who weren’t even into racing games.

For one, there is the weapons. If you like racing and also being able to blast the guy in front of you with an Uzi, GTA will have you covered. This mode – which was simply called “GTA Race” previously – will be in GTA 5. Once again you’ll probably have the option of simply hopping out of your car and taking pot shots at the racers on the side of the road. Sure you’ll finish last, but you may end up with the most money in the end by simply taking out all the other players several times.


If there is a map with a lot of buses, like the Times Square doppleganger ‘Star Junction’ in GTA IV, expect more insanity as players try to clog things up by driving the opposite direction in gigantic buses. And then there are the guys that create barricades of cars at busy chokepoints. You have to admire their evil creativity.

Competitive Combat

Grand Theft Auto V wouldn’t be complete without a mode in which you shoot each other with guns, stab each other, or blow yourselves and everyone else up with grenades. It’s going to be included, but it will be interesting to see what kind of competitive combat modes we get. GTA IV had them in spades and besides plain old Team Deathmatch, expect all sorts of modes based on various illicit activities such as kidnapping, robbery, and the like.

GTA V Multiplayer = Fun

No matter how you slice it, Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer is bound to be tons of fun that will cost many hours of your life and get your wife’s or girlfriend’s eyes rolling (or those of your husband/boyfriend). No one knows exactly what will be included, but given Rockstar’s performance in the past we have to assume that there will be some awesome new modes to go along with the fan favorites. Roll on Spring!

Trevor Phillips
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