What Happens When GTA V Meets The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We all knew it would have to happen eventually. Both were massively anticipated by gamers and journalists alike. Both are the fifth installment of long running and prestigious franchises. Both are open-world games with an emphasis on player freedom. Both were considered the height of visual fidelity at the time. And both have a vibrant modding community keeping the game very much alive.


And now, for the first time, thanks to the power of modding, you can slay dragons in both.

We are of course speaking of GTA V and Skyrim. While they do not share tone, setting, or even genre, there is so much similarity between the two games that it was only a matter of time before fans of both series brought them together in some way.

Showcasing some of his upcoming Skyrim themed GTA V mods, and his Rockstar Editor/CGI skills, Adam Pinkman brings us the live-action TES V trailer remade in the GTA V engine.

Being more than just a remake of a trailer, the remade trailer serves as a trailer itself. Pinkman intends to use this video to inform GTA V players about his upcoming mod, and increase said mod’s popularity.

The only way a crossover between the two franchises has ever manifested before was a version of the GTA San Andreas ENBSeries mod ported over to Skyrim. The mod wasn’t particularly successful, despite being pretty good. It’s surprising that a game with such a vibrant modding community never spawned a GTA themed mod. Sure, there were gun mods, car mods, new map mods, but nothing that could be considered outright GTA in any sense.

Either way, Pinkman’s upcoming mod will bring the two franchises that much closer, and its shaping up to be a pretty impressive mod indeed.

Are you guys looking forward to FUS RO DAH in Los Santos?

Aron Gerencser
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