New Weekly GTA Online Bonuses Focus On Two Car Manufacturers

Grand Theft Auto Online tends to, albeit tentatively, remind players every now and then that the "auto" in the name is actually sort of important for the game. Amid all the heists, orbital lasers, businesses, night clubs and drug-laden tropical islands, car jacking is where all of this began.

Bringing this auto aspect into focus is a weekly spotlight shown on two in-game vehicle manufacturers.

Överflöd and Dewbauchee, a pair of fictional car brands in GTA Online producing some of the most popular virtual vehicles that millions of players have been driving, crashing and stealing for years get to bask in the limelight. Grabbing spots on the Test Track, the Diamond's podium and in the weekly discounts, these two manufacturers are bound to be on players' minds.


Included in this feature sale is the Dewbauchee Champion, the Dewbauchee Vagner, and the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic for 30% off, while a staggering number of other vehicles from both Dewbauchee and Överflöd are half price.

Some bonus events dealing out extra rewards are still warranted to round things out, and help players fatten their in-game bank accounts, as has become expected over the years. Jump into the Pursuit Race Series for some high-octane action and double GTA$ and RP rewards to boot. Sticking to mayhem on wheels is the Vehicle Vendetta Adversary Mode, also paying out 2x the usual rate.

Players can still gain eligibility for a GTA$ 1,000,000 rebate on their next Galaxy Superyacht purchase by completing all six A Superyacht Life missions - though this only really affects you if you bought a cheaper model and intend to upgrade, since having a yacht is needed to access the missions.

The life of a criminal isn't all pleasure cruises and racing. Immerse yourself in Los Santos' underworld with double rewards on all Casino Work and Casino Story Missions, as well as Contact Missions from Gerald's Last Play, cementing your street cred while also earning big.

Ray Ampoloquio
"Hmm.. nice bike," as soon as he heard those words, Ray was hooked into the world of the GTA games. Since then, he's spent countless hours gangbanging the ballas and hanging out with Roman. He insists that GTA IV is the best Grand Theft Auto title of all time. Let Ray know your thoughts on Twitter or LinkedIn.