Weekly Freemode Bonuses Hit GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is full of all kinds of structured content, giving players clear goals to work towards and endgame modes to test their skills with. However, if you remove all the excess, then what is GTA about, really, if not the silly faffing around? Freemode is all about this - and this week's bonuses are all about Freemode.

Usually, choice activities during these weekly bonus promotions offer double, and occasionally triple rewards. Sometimes, when particularly lucrative activities are picked, the bonus on offer multiplies rewards by just 1.5x. Things are different this week - Freemode Events and Challenges are paying out 4 times the usual rewards.

Additionally, completing any Challenge during the week will earn you a one-time lump bonus of GTA$200,000 to fatten your coffers a bit more. Should you tire of farming Freemode Events and Challenges, you can switch gears and give GTA Online's take on battle royale for a spin with Motor Wars, paying out double rewards all week.


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The Bravado Verlierer is this week's prize ride vehicle, giving all the best racers of GTA Online a new reward to speed towards. The Pegassi Toros, Declasse Mamba, and Pfister 811 are waiting for you to try them out on the Test Track, and The Ocelot Ardent is spinning on The Diamond's Lucky Wheel podium.

Discounted items this week include the Declasse Scramjet at 40% off, the Western Company Cuban 800 for 40% off, the Invade and Persuade tank for 40% off, the Vapid Slamtruck for 40% off, the Pegassi Toros for 30% off, the Albany Manana Custom for 30% off, the Nagasaki Chimera for 30% off, the Dinka Vindicator for 30% off and the Mammoth Thruster Jetpack for 30% off.

Keep an eye out for a new selection of Freemode-focused bonuses next week, as Rockstar is keeping up a Freemode themed monthly event for the next few weeks. Gather your friends, and get ready to let loose in Los Santos and Blaine County.


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