Weekend GTAO Hints - Snow and Money

Here we are with this weeks' dose of fresh hints and tips for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Get Snow Online

First off, we have a glitch that will enable you to play with snow in GTA: Online. Only snow you ask? What's the big deal? Well, for those of you who don't know, snow is actually disabled in GTA Online by Rockstar. Follow the steps below though and you can get an early Christmas online in Los Santos!

This for works the PS3 version of the game only.


  1. Download this mission from Rockstar
  2. Invite some friends if you want to play the mission.
  3. Once playing, pull out your ethernet cable or hard disconnect your internet connection.
  4. This will log you out of the PSN and you will be playing single player.
  5. Reconnect your internet and then log back into PSN.
  6. Now search for a new online session and you should get snow!

Thanks to CarlosCodHD and Zero.

New Armor Truck Glitch

This is a money glitch and will work post patch 1.16 for GTA Online. To do it you will need a friend.

  1. First invite your buddy to a session and then wait around for an armored truck to spawn.
  2. After it spawns your friend needs to head to his garage and you go after the truck.
  3. When you get to the truck, blow it up and collect the money.
  4. Then your buddy needs to invite you to his apartment.
  5. When you are at his apartment then head down into his garage.
  6. As you get to his garage, he needs to walk out of the garage. When he's outside of it completely, the armored truck should have respawned.
  7. Now he walks in and you walk out and the truck will respawn once more.
  8. Simply rinse and repeat and keep grabbing the money each time!

Thanks to NoveraHDYT.

Matt Stone

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