Weekly Freemode Bonuses Hit GTA Online

May 14, 2022

By Aron Gerencser

GTA Online's Freemode is all about messing around - and this week's bonuses are all about Freemode.

Freemode Events and Challenges are paying out 4 times the usual rewards.

Additionally, completing any Challenge during the week will earn you a one-time lump bonus of GTA$ 200,000 to fatten your coffers a bit more.

Motor Wars is paying out double rewards all week.

The Bravado Verlierer is this week's prize ride vehicle.

The Pegassi Toros, Declasse Mamba, and Pfister 811 are waiting for you to try them out on the Test Track.

The Ocelot Ardent is spinning on The Diamond's Lucky Wheel podium.