Voice Actor Claims Involvement In Future GTA Content

August 29, 2021

By Aron Gerencser

Is it Grand Theft Auto Online DLC, is it extra content for Expanded and Enhanced, is it GTA 6, or is it fake?

A voice actor has claimed to be hired by Rockstar for a GTA project with a trailer releasing soon.

Dave Jackson has recently posted about being hired for the role of police chief Captain McClane.

When reached out for further comment Jackson clarified that he doesn't actually know much more - not even what game the voice lines are for.

Not telling actors much about their respective projects is a leak prevention tactic, one that Rockstar used in the past.

Jackson also stated that a trailer is due 'soon' for whatever it is he's working on.

This leaves GTA Online DLC, or the next-gen port.

Revealing McClane's name is probably an NDA breach and Rockstar might end up firing Jackson for the post.

The next handful of months is going to be busy for GTA.

Expanded and Enhanced drops November 11, GTA Online is going standalone, and the Remastered Trilogy will launch possibly early next year. 

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