January 13, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

The Railgun is headed to GTA Online as part of the January 12 update

Bad news, now the Christmas event is over, all the snow is no longer there. 

This means all the other festive specialties are no longer on the table. 

But, the new year brings good tidings, and the usual weekly update arrives with a bunch of new stuff (sans cars, which is a bummer).

First up is the railgun, which is finally available in GTA Online in regular play after so many years. 

The latest GTA Online update is also a bit light on new cars but it's rich in rewards if you go and complete First Dose missions. 

Playing First Dose missions on the "Hard" difficulty through February 8 will also yield more rewards.

Surprisingly enough, fans didn't notice a GTA 6 tease in the new update, but who knows?