December 2, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

The GTA Online Weekly Update for December 1 is out

As all GTA Online players know, Rockstar Games drops a new update every week to keep things fresh in the game.

Although the content drop this week is a bit leaner, there's still plenty of reasons to get into GTA Online.

Case in point, all Double Down activities will give away triple rewards for the next week.

Short Trips missions are going to give double GTA$ and RP, so make sure to pay the Smoking Room a visit one of these days.

Finally, you'll get a free Black LD Organics Tee by completing all three Short Trips before December 16.

Fans are half-expecting a huge update for GTA Online before the year ends after the game turned 25.

Fingers crossed, we'll see a big new update over the next three weekends.