June 6, 2022

By Hassan Sajid

Strange NPC Appearance In GTA Online Hints At Possible New DLC

As we wait for more GTA 6 info, GTA Online keeps getting updated.

It seems there is still new content to come to GTA Online.

Apparently, there's a new potential GTA Online DLC in the making featuring the iconic Michael De Santa.

Tez2, a credible GTA leaker, tweeted about a new find that indicates that a new potential DLC is in the making.

The files indicate a new scenario spawn point in front of the Record A Studios with the ped model given the "movie_set" name.

In a follow-up tweet, Tez2 also shared a screenshot of the NPC only seen between 7 AM and 11 AM in-game time near the studio.

It is still not sure whether this slip was intentional or not. But, it sure gives the GTA players something to look forward to.