November 21, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

It looks like Rockstar Games is thinking of adding fast travel to GTA Online

You might think that Rockstar Games has added everything to GTA Online, but that's where you're wrong. 

The now-standalone online expansion to GTA 5 has several features but it doesn't have one thing that fans have asked for years: fast travel.

However, after years of asking for it, it appears that Rockstar is finally listening.

Apparently, Rockstar sent out a survey asking about GTA+ and the features that members use the least and the most.

In the same survey, Rockstar brought up two features that it's thinking of adding to the game: fast travel and access to "classic Rockstar titles". 

If Rockstar pushes through with this plan, we're curious to find out how all the GTA Online players will respond.

Hopefully, we'll find out soon what Rockstar has planned for public transportation in Los Santos.