February 2, 2023

By Ray Ampoloquio

Rockstar Games releases security patch for GTA Online to fix online exploits

Rockstar Games has officially released update 1.66 for Grand Theft Auto Online.

The GTA Online update comes after reports that the game is suffering from an exploit that prevents players from enjoying the game. 

The latest "security-focused" title update for GTA Online aims to make GTA Online more secure but it remains to be seen if this is enough to bring players back.

However, players aren't quite convinced the security patch is enough to solve the issue. 

For what it's worth, some GTA Online players are saying that they've encountered very few issues in the game so far.

Only time will tell if Rockstar is going to release some form of compensation for GTA Online, especially the ones who were affected by the bug. 

For now, we hope the new GTA Online update holds for a long time.