September 30, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

Rockstar Games introduces Junk Energy Skydives in latest GTA Online update

If you've ever needed proof to believe that all is well over at Rockstar Games, you only need to look at the current state of GTA Online.

After Rockstar confirmed the GTA 6 leaks, it's business as usual over at the studio.

Rockstar hasn't lost sleep over the threats of potentially more leaks even now if the hacker is behind bars.

As a matter of fact, GTA Online players will want to prepare for something that's not for the faint of heart. 

But, before anything else, you'll want to get your hands on the free item for the week, the Orange Tech Demon Mask. 

As for adrenaline junkies, GTA Online players can take part in the Junk Energy Skydives and earn themselves a handful of nifty rewards.

There'll be plenty more of new stuff that was added to GTA Online, so be sure to check out our round-up of today's update.