January 12, 2023

By Hassan Sajid

How to find the Gun Van and get the new Railgun in GTA Online

Rockstar Games continues to add new content in GTA Online despite how old the game is.

The studio just added a Gun Van and a new Railgun that players can purchase from the van.

The Gun Van can spawn in 30 different possible locations. The spawn location is randomly selected every day upon server reset.

Unfortunately, like the other daily resetting collectibles, the Gun Van doesn't appear on the map until you're close enough.

You can purchase several items at the Gun Van, including weapons, armor, throwables, and even the Railgun.

When you approach the van, the back doors will automatically open for you. You can talk to the seller in the back to purchase the items.

While we do have a high-resolution standalone image of the map showing the locations, you can swipe up to find the locations on our interactive map as well.