November 22, 2022

By Ray Ampoloquio

Rockstar Games has banned NFTs and cryptocurrency from GTA Online

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have made it clear that it wants no part of NFTs and cryptocurrency in the latest update to its policy for roleplay servers.

The majority of the new policy is technical jargon but the gist is Rockstar wants GTA Online players to know that it supports roleplay servers and hope they "thrive in a safe and friendly way".

However, Rockstar also wants players to clarify that it doesn't want people to associate GTA Online with anything that links the GTA brand with NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Rockstar didn't explain what prompted the policy change but it's almost certain it's linked to the recent press release announcing the sales of an NFT offering access to an exclusive GTA Online RP server.

Considering  this isn't the first time this has happened, Take-Two and Rockstar decided to err on the side of caution and prevent things from escalating.

By drawing a line, Rockstar and Take-Two have made it clear that it doesn't want people to take advantage of the success of GTA Online, as is their right.

Besides, gamers don't have the best opinion on cryptocurrency and NFTs, so we understand why the developers didn't want to risk more controversy with minimal to no rewards.